Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chloe, Antiquing Decor and Sundresses, oh my!

This is Chloé:

She's French obviously and sadly knows no English to speak with you, but says 'Bonjour!' anyway - sadly yes I am going crazy cooped up in my house as I paint the hall walls and inhale too many paint fumes, you'll have to excuse me. ;P

She was my Christmas gift two years ago - a new mannequin since we couldn't find an old one. Boy was I surprised! We've been working on antquing it as helpfully described in an old Romantic Homes issue and the body is totally different now (all textured and antiqued nicely - totally looks vintage!), though the wood 'head' and base is the same - only last details to finish before - I proudly display her final look. Anyway, just posting this as I updated my Etsy store and then used this pic I took when I had the typewriter necklace on it as a better, brighter pic than what I had up already.

I love this sundress - don't you? The color, the pattern, the smocking? Can you believe it was from Target? Every now and then I find something cool there. I hope to wear it sometime this summer... Oh, and thank you to Mariana and Paula for telling me they posted my little Red Roofed Sheetmusic 'Romance' House up on the Treasury page - sadly the treasury seems to be down - if it does go back up - here's the link they gave me. I'd love to see it... here's the link if it ever works and a pic of the house:

It's my favorite and I'll be loathe to see it go. Actually my mother is trying to cling to I told her - nope, up it goes for sale - don't worry, no one's bought it yet - you can enjoy it until then. The Romance music paper is so pretty and well..romantic that it was kinda hard to use at first, but I decided it was just too cool not to use. I especially enjoyed it at Valentine's Day for a display, but right now it decorates my studio.

Edited to add: Oh - oh! The treasury page works again - you can see it and all the rest of the red inpired page. Yay!!! Go look!


The Five of Us said...

I do like that dress from target, nice find! Did you get it recently? Is it on their website? :-)

58 Cherries said...

Oh, I got that last year, sorry. A dress I couldn't wear at the time, but promised myself this year after my surgery I will. I hope to wear it very soon - it's the perfect color, isn't it? One of the few nice fabrics they've had recently. This year there ARE a few cute dresses, but also some truly ugly ones that look like 4th grade home ec failures. Ew! LOL - Target's kind of hit or miss. You might want to check ebay - sometimes you get lucky and people buy the pretty stuff in the clearance aisle and then sell them there. If I happen across one I'll let you know!! I always want to help others like that since I always wish others would help me out in the clothes department, too. :) Thanks for your comment!!

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