Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Trip, Pt. 2

Okay, I promise, last time I'll spam you with my Chicago trip pics. ;) I just had so much fun and found the city inspirational and had a great time so I wanted to share a little more and then shut up about it. Most of my pictures are from the window of our car as we sped past so I'm amazed at the quality considering. LOL And some are from the view of our room.

Isn't this beautiful?And our room - we stayed at the Hotel Monaco - great lobby, you can bring your pets and if you miss having a pet, you can get a goldfish at the front desk when you check in and they'll take care of it for you during your stay.

Plus the room was beautiful.

But the best part? The HUGE windows - they dominated the room - two of them this size - my dad was fascinated with laying down in the windows - he could literally have slept there.
Directly across from us was a beautiful HUGE building:
And aiming my camera upwards - the top was even prettier. At the bottom was a restaurant we ate at, they boasted having a speakeasy and that Al Capone was there. They served very good Irish food.
Turning my camera a little to the right - and wow - what a clock!!! So beautiful, and the canal behind it - the next day we watched boats go under the bridge back and forth with tourists.
Also in view - this totally weird building I've seen on TV, but is so captivating in person - apartments above and parked cars below. Don't the cars look like they are going to fall out?? Scary to walk near.
We also visited the Field Museum and I just love the replicas of the Porch of Maidens from Greece. The whole outside and inside is a work of art all on its own with so many statues and columns. Beautiful.
And the main attraction, of course was to see Sue the T-Rex. Very cool!!

And last, but certainly not least, the theater sign for the show we went to!! Craig Ferguson Live and SOLD OUT. Darn right! He was hilarious! I've never been to a live performance and the excitement and thrill was rather fun. He did two little dance numbers - one in the beginning and one at the end. My favorite episodes of his show are when he does those in the beginning.

All in all - great trip, great city and great time. So glad to get out of the house for the first time in years. It's tiring to travel, but SO worth it for the memories. (And the shopping...)

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Olivia said...

a hotel that offers little goldfish! thats so cool :)

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