Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Trip, Part One

I don't want to spam you guys with typical pictures of my vacation. But I did take a few cute pics that I thought would be interesting and worth sharing.

On the way we stopped a few times for breaks and one time was at an ultra retro 50's diner place. Kinda overdone, but cute at the same time. Good food.

Betty Boop took our order of course. ;)

And mom got all nostalgic at the 50's car toy hanging from the wall. ;)
it is and the drivers are a little crazy. I managed to snap off a few pics from my window to show how pretty the architecture is:
The beautiful old buildings are being kept up so well! And the details are amazing. But also - I have to say Bravo to the city planners that put so many beautiful flowers everywhere you go as they really brightened up the roads:

There were tulips EVERYWHERE and so pretty!. We stopped by the Millennium Park after the art museum and found the bean statue rather funny. It's so modern and weird and yet fun to look at different angles. People were having a ball taking their pictures around it. ;)

And then just as we were turning to leave and get our car - we spied this through the park!!

Yikes! Why isn't everyone running?? LOL Jurassic Park all over again. One more post with pics from our fantabulous hotel room - we went to Hotel Monaco - tres chic, fantastic view and within walking distance of the theater where we saw Craig Ferguson Live.

I had a great weekend - hope you guys did, too!!

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