Monday, January 10, 2011

200th Post and Giveaway!!

(Drumroll please)

Ta da - the 200th Post!!

Also known as 58 Cherries' Big Fat French Post since I'm here to tell you about my oh so cool new purchases that make my living room seem tres chic, oui?

First up, my brand new train time table - all the places I simply must go to when I visit France some fine fantasy day...

It's a HUGE canvas we bought at TJ Maxx just after Christmas. I loooove it. I was eyeing it and telling myself, No, I do NOT need a huge canvas of fantastic French places. No, I really do not need to buy more art I have nowhere to put... But this was all cast aside when my mother caught sight of it, too, and between the two of us drooling over it we decided that Yes, we DO need it and Yes, we will find a place. Like, over the mantle piece. Still needs to be hung up, but even propped up it is adorable, non??

And the little dueling soldiers are a far earlier purchase from...wait for it - TJ Maxx. Yes, I have seen the same prop piece in the show How I Met Your Mother and squealed - I have one just like that!

And apparently I should just move into that store since I also purchased this from them last week:

Isn't it the cutest chair? I love it - simple, comfy and such a pretty soft green. Perfect. I don't even mind killing my back carrying the chair throughout the store and parking lot it is just right.

And when I was taking pictures of my pretty little purchases I turned around and realized our great room is taking on a decided French feel. Yes, the train time table and chair and even the little bird pictures give it that air, but also this picture above my couch:

And this picture over the kitchen sink...

Oh, and that's another TJ Maxx purchase...
can you tell my favorite place to shop??

Ah well...if you can't live in France you can at least pretend, right?? And here's another random decorating picture...

The nook in my hall right before the living room has our family heirloom secretary in it and I decided to just put that sailboat there temporarily until I figured out where to put it, but it seems content there for now so there it stays.
And last, but certainly not least...the giveaway!! Or rather two. If you commented waaay back on my Halloween post and/or friended this blog you are already eligible for this giveaway, but you may want to add a comment here with which one of these you'd like more if you have a preference.
In honor of my French post...
A silhouette ornament with French text in the background. Gossamer white ribbon and on the back a cute crown.And in honor of my brand new chair... A chair fit for the Empress Josephine.
Complete with a bee and crown, symbols of Napoleon and Josephine!! ;) I love these two ornaments and I hope you do, too. Great for all year round really, I like to hang them on doorknobs or a white tree or branches cut from the yard.

So comment here for a chance to win, add yourself to my followers/friends on the bar on the right for a second chance and as I said those who commented back in October are already signed up, but you might also like to let me know which one you like when commenting here. I'll announce the winners on Friday!

Thanks so much for all of you who read my blog and especially those who take the time to comment and encourage me. Happy 2011!!!


Hope said...

Maybe I will win again!!! I have been to most of the streets on your 'awesome' french canvas. I want to say I went to a flea market on Musee D'Orsay but I can't really remember. Awesome work...I guess I need to scout TJ Maxx more carefully.

Hello! I'm Danita. said...

Hi! Beautiful house you have girl!
Please add me to your giveaway :)

Anonymous said...

Darn! I missed your sweet giveaway!
Maybe next time...
I do love what you create!
Teresa in Cloth and Clay doll ning
Come join the fun! For $10 Jane Des
Rosier has opened up her tutorials and they are awesome. Go to the Cloth and Clay doll ning site for the paper clay over cloth doll body experience of a life time!

Christine said...

How are you Nicki? Congrats on your 200th post and I hope you are doing well after the holiday madness:) I had no idea tjmax had such great items~I would love that chair and sign. And your hanging pieces are lovely`I have your silhouette box here in my studio and it is so lovely. Have a wonderful week ahead!(I promise not to be such a stranger..I've been out of the blog loop and am missing so much)

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