Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Silhouettes in shop...

I've got some new silhouettes up in the shop. They are just too cute in these oval frames...

I think this pair reminds me most of Elinor and Edward in Sense and Sensibility...

The great thing about these are the really nice frames. I've sold two sets so far. The oval silhouettes are available HERE.

But sometimes a different shape can be fun, too - I found these super cute square frames and decided to try them.


I love the antique feel of these frames. Very romantic. They are a soft white and antiqued for a vintage feel. Silhouettes available HERE.

SOLD Super Fast!

Very nice frames, indeed.

I only have the one pair of square frames. I think I need to try and find some more. ;)

ETA: Thanks so much to everyone who has been shopping at my store lately!!

Happy Wednesday!

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