Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alice in Wonderland, Parisian Images and Sheep, Oh My!

Okay, so another Etsy Update. First off, I made another pair of Alice in Wonderland images like the one I gave away at the Mad Tea Party.

Only it sold SUPER fast - like within an hour or so and it is already in the mail today. I'm dizzy! So, I decided since they are so popular I'd make just one more set. The picture above is the set that is going up in my store today. Grab it while you can. SOLD AGAIN - More to come (9/9/11).

Then, as I was making the above set I decided to try a different Alice in Wonderland series...


This one has Alice and the White Rabbit, but also a pretty little dress for Alice and a pocket watch like the White Rabbit has in the beginning of the tale. Cute, huh?

At least I think so. Love this particular set!! I love the rabbit and his little watch. These would be sooo cute framed in a grouping in a girl's bedroom or in an office, studio, etc. Also great for Scrapbooking, etc.

And since I was on a roll I decided to make one more set to sell - this time French to go with the French text...


There is an Eiffel Tower, a Napoleonic chair, a Fleur de Lis and a Phrenology chart - just because. :)


So cute! And these will all be up in my shop by the end of the day. I also put up my last Sheep Canvas...

I have no more canvases to paint on so I better try and find some more. These are really high quality canvases that I get at the art supply store rather than a crafting store since those canvases tend to have staples on the sides and not look as nice. The ones I use are smooth with a bit of heft to them as they are well made with good canvas and wood. Check out the listing for an image of the back. I use only the best quality supplies.

And that's all for now. I'm melting today and it is only going to be hotter tomorrow. Remind me again why I love summer so much? LOL

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Hope said...

really neat stamping....I love the contrast.

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