Sunday, May 22, 2011

Almost Summer - Treats, Peeks and a Bit of Circus Charm...

Boy was this a hot weekend! Made all the worse by some necessary late spring cleaning. I just had to make a fresh pitcher of lemonade today to beat the heat!!

And boy do I love these new summer glasses we bought at the dollar store of all places. So cute and cheap! My favorite combination in this economy. ;) The lemon and lime bowls were unearthed in the spring cleaning so I thought they'd look nice out for a bit of summer charm.

And look - just look!! My cherry tree has finally given fruit!! After years of nothing - finally this!!Yep, ONE cherry. But I'm told there are a whopping two more on the tree. I guess I'm lucky the squirrels allow me to have these. They are already eating my peaches and they have a long long way to go. Last two years I got NONE of them even though the tree was full of fruit. But isn't this cherry precious!! So cute and tiny!

And a few random pics of my too wild front gardens. This is right in front of my porch - my two lovely rose bushes that make the cutest Tudor Roses you ever saw. My pots aren't doing too well as those darn squirrel keep digging up my flowers, getting soil everywhere and uprooting the flowers so they die on me. *grumbles more about squirrels...*

And the other side of the front of my house... Note the dirt all around the pots. *sigh*

And this pic is just to show you how my front lawn slopes off on a steep hill down to the driveway and the tiny house beside us. It shows off our pretty handmade and hand-designed picket fence. I'm super proud of that fence. Tons of hard work!!

And sorry if I'm boring you with more pic spam of my Etsy items, but I did want to show off my two new pendants I put up over the weekend. If you're sick of the French Poodles, not to worry - these are different!

It's a very cute balloon animal clown! My dad is a magician and twists balloons for kids and often does this very same shape for those that like clowns!

The Clown...

How cute is that? :)

And this one...okay, I confess - not quite possible with real balloons (at least I don't think dad is awfully good at them he might be able to, but anyway - I present to you, The Juggler!!

I love the touch of whimsy and fun these new pieces of jewelry give to my Etsy shop! They are also very pretty to wear - a surprising mix of fun and childhood memories along with a bit of elegance from the pretty glass pearls.

Oh, and before I forget, I will also be adding another pair of French Poodle balloon animal earrings in another color - a light green as an alternative to the blue ones I posted about earlier.

Here they are with the other light green poodle pendant. All these items are up at the shop and I hope you'll swing by to take a look.

Hope you all had a great weekend - can't wait for next weekend as the pool will finally open and I plan to have a nice BBQ.

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