Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Flowers

April Showers bring May Flowers...(and more showers):

A long view down the side garden. This little strip of land between our driveway and fence is full of irises, lilacs, rose bushes, a crepe myrtle and a hydrangea bush.

The little purple irises are miniature ones - Russian, I think. Very pretty and doing so well with all this rain we've been having. They smell great, but not half as good as the lilac smells!

The two together are so pretty!!

They really show off our handmade picket fence, too. At the time we made it all I could do was groan at all the work (and it was a ton of work in red hot sun), but now? Totally worth it...

And do I spy tiny peaches on Anna? (Yes, I named the tree - don't judge me - it's named after my Yiayia, of which many of my fond childhood memories are being dragged out of bed early in the morning to sleep on the bench outside while she picked fresh peaches and figs and then woke me up to eat them for breakfast...)

And a little peek at the front yard on the right. A few of the Azalea bushes seem to not have made the transplantation we did last year. Oh well, there are still a few - mostly purple, blooming. I love how the flowers really show off our pretty stone house.

And a look at my wild stump garden before I started weeding. The Russian sage is doing quite well. In the summer the branches will be white and the flowers blue.

And since I couldn't leave the garden outside without taking some with me...

Some miniature irises, a few regular sized white ones, some mint, some lilac...

And then I went back outside to cut some Lily of the Valley for my mother.

After all that my house smelled LOVELY. Like Spring!! I am so glad we are getting a few peeks of sun again because all this rain had me a bit down, but now I'm able to enjoy the garden a bit and I'm so so happy. Today is my father's birthday and then on Sunday is Mother's Day so we're busy. I also hope to plant the few tomato plants I have so far as well as a bell pepper plant. Can't wait to eat the fresh veggies from my garden again this year.

Hope you all have a Great Weekend!!

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