Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Monday - Etsy Update with lots of Fun Items!

I finally got around to putting some items up in Etsy I've been meaning to do for ages. First up, a very pretty pale green balloon animal necklace...

I think the proper name for the color is a pale celery.

It's hard to see the delicate green coloring in these pictures, the group picture shows it a little bit better, but the best part of this necklace is that instead of using round pearls, we changed it up with some oblong pearls, giving it a more authentic balloon animal look...
Here's a group photo that shows how different it looks compared to the others, it's much longer. All the pendants can stand, which adds to their charm.

Here they are all standing. Kind of looks like a dog show displaying the different sizes poodles can come in - standard, toy, etc. LOL

But if you like the traditional round pearl look, there is this really cute blue poodle here...

Such a pretty cobalt blue. It's much smaller than the green one.

But my favorite (outside of the very pretty turqoise one in the shop already) is this really special blue-gray one here:


I have to tell you, this one is kinda freaky how much it looks like a miniaturized balloon animal. The shading and the slightly oblong shape just look so cool. I love how it isn't one color all over, but shades of blue, gray, purple, etc.


And, also important - I know that some people like wearing interesting earrings even more than necklaces, so I'm excited to announce the first pair of balloon animal earrings are finally here!!

These are small and perfect. I love wearing earrings that catch people's eyes and these are sure to do it. They are sky blue and perfect. I think I'm in love with these...they are so whimsical!

As with all my items it is best to view them at my shop for more pictures and details. If you would like one of these in a particular color, convo me at etsy or comment here and I'll be happy to try and find and make it for you. I've got more pendants and earrings to put up over the next few days, too, so keep your eye out for more!!

Also, I reshot a pair of ornaments that needed better pictures - the pretty music paper and better lighting shows these off a bit better, I think...

I've been busy, busy, busy. It's quite a Monday so far. Hope you all had a good weekend!

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