Saturday, January 19, 2013

Silhouette Saturday - A New Selection

Working on new items to come into my shop soon.  Here's a little preview...

As I said in my last post I will be adding more and more new silhouettes to the shop over the next few months.  Some needed larger frames than I had already so I had to get new ones, but they are the same style as the ones I already had in the shop.  The ones on the left and right are the larger silhouettes - you can compare them to the smaller ones in the middle.  I just love the variety it provides.  I am thinking of making a permanent silhouette wall in my own house - large and small silhouettes, oval and rectangle frames, music paper and french book paper backgrounds, etc.   The overall effect will be beautiful! 

I have to wait for better lighting before I can take proper pictures of my new items for the shop.  I also framed an antique typewriter print on french book paper - it is sooo cute I don't quite want to part with it, but I will.  I don't think I can bear to part with the newest antique silver colored frames I put my usual silhouettes in (the smaller ones towards the middle) - they are so pretty!!  I think I'll have to see if I can find some more frames like that to sell.  Just this once I think they need to stay with me.  ;)  I've been promising to keep one set for myself to hang up, but I can't seem to keep these in stock and I've sold off my own set at least 4 or 5 times now. 

Is anyone else having a problem with blogger and uploading pictures from their computer?  I can't get the upload button to stay on the screen - it blips in and out and then there is no way to upload.  It's been the root of my rare posting these days - can't post without pictures!  If you have this problem, too - there is one semi-solution I've found, if you post the picture anywhere else on the web and then copy and paste it directly into the post you can get your pics in.  I sometimes just copy and paste from my shop photos, but what about my personal or rather my non-shop photos?  I don't have photo bucket or anything else, but I guess I'll have to do that soon.  Blogger isn't being helpful about fixing this problem.

Oh well, have a Great Weekend!!

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