Monday, January 7, 2013

Chantilly Raspberry Cookies Post, the 2nd

I complained a long time ago about the loss of the Chantilly Raspberry cookies that Pepperidge Farms stopped making for some reason.  I missed them dreadfully and my one attempt to make a linzer cookie similar came out too nutty and not at all like the smooth crisp white cookies I love so much. 

I have good news, though!  Right before Christmas I was in the Target holiday food aisle and found that Pepperidge Farms made a Linzer cookie!  It looked the same, but I've been fooled before by a softer cookie with a raspberry filling so I wasn't too sure.  I bought one package and low and behold!!!  It was the same cookie!!!  YUM!  I only saw them the once and they may only be at the holidays - it says Linzer cookies - not Chantilly.  Be sure to check your own local stores and see if they have them.  I'm hoping they stick around outside the holidays.  I so miss those crispy raspberry filled cookies.  My only complaint is they really skimped on the powdered sugar dusting(they don't look like the image on the front really), but I can always add a little extra myself.  ;)

Just wanted to share that bit of info with you for all the other people who have expressed their own disappointment in losing those cookies in my comments on my original post found HERE.  I really do think they are a seasonal cookie, but so long as they are available sometimes I'll be happy!

And here is where you can find them online!!

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