Friday, February 12, 2010

Inspiration Friday - Spring is on the way...

I'm sick of winter, aren't you? I mean if you also live where it is cold and gray right now, I mean. But then, the change in seasons does inspire creativity, right? Surely I'd get bored with the same old weather all the time like California, Hawaii, etc.

Um, nah. But let's pretend I like the changes in seasons, and I do - to a point. And at this point I am through with aches and pains and cold and want warmth and flowers and...okay, I'm whining now. Ahem - this is a post of inspiration, not whining.
There's no whining in decorating!!

Here's a few glimpses of decorations I have up to put me in the mood of spring:
Uh oh, Tweety got out of his bird cage, thank goodness he isn't real and can't make a mess in my bedroom. I bought him at Hobby Lobby and vintage-y whitened him up to improve him with my own paints, to my taste. I like him. He's quiet yet he's always cheerful.
While on the subject of birds, downstairs in the living room I have really cool prints - and all from a super great (big) calender I got for four bucks after New Years a few years ago. Cool!! I have at least two other prints in other frames, but these four kind of go together in their two little groups:
These two birdy pics are by the french doors of my house and next to the couch - I love them.
And then I have nest and egg prints across the room in between the restroom door and the main door - I love these especially around Easter, but really all year round. So cute!!
And I'm not just obsessed with birds for spring. This actually is my spring/summer picture - it is always up, though I change it around a LOT. I LOVE this picture - got it online at a poster store. The frame and matting? Super cool find of perfect match in the clearance aisle of Homegoods - took out the icky painting and slipped in the cool one. It looks way cooler in person. keep in mind all these pictures are taken with bad lighting and darn gray skies.
I love ships - always did, but after seeing Master and Commander the movie, and then reading the Patrick O'Brien books that it was based on (okay not all of them - there are 20! I read half of them so far) - ohhh, did I fall in love with ships.
I've just dusted off and proudly displayed our model ship, which is huge and the only place it fit was on top of our fridge for now since the usual spot has a TV on it now. LOL I don't have a pic of that yet, but let me tell you, it's impressive. Also, I have a smaller model ship in the upstairs bathroom on the shelf around the room. Oh, and a teeny tiny model that's also an ornament in my room hanging from my armoire knob.
Um, yes, I love ships. And the Captain Aubrey and Stephen tales - if you liked the Russell Crowe movie - oh, do please do pick up one of the books to try!! It all starts with how the captain and surgeon met - nearly dueled!! And then, well - go find out yourself.
If you love Austen, this is like Austen kinda for guys as it was written by a man and has plenty of action and adventure, and plenty of subtle or outright humor, but I have tons of girlfriends online and my own mother and we are all fans. It's like what's missing from the Jane Austen novels when their men are away at sea - and there is plenty of romance, too - oh Jack and his love Sophie (there's an Austen style romance - swear to god) - Stephen and his infuriating Dianna... Um, sorry, rambling. But if you're looking for well written books and sick of rereading Austen - those are great ones.
Now this last one - is just a fake vintage wine label (though heavy and rather well made, I picked it up at a discount cabinet/flooring/etc. store).
This is up all year, but I want to show you it as it inspires me as it is inspiring all year round. I love crowns, swords, the medieval look of it. Heck, the word vintage, even used in different context. The scripting - the 'France' on it - all cool. But the best part??? It says Vintage 1906. Just like my house - it is also Vintage 1906 - as soon as my eyes saw it I snatched it up - it's MINE - it spoke to me!! It's in the upstairs kitchen and I look at it every time I wash dishes. It makes me proud of my house - no matter how expensive it is or how it drains us in fixing it up. Damned if I'm not proud of this stone 'cottage.'
That's it for now - more spring inspiration coming soon. Have a great weekend!!!!


Hope said...

I am feeling the Spring feeling. I am getting so ready to garden and be warm!!! No signs of tulips or daffodils here...but who could tell with all the snow.

58 Cherries said...

I think what I saw were crocus leaves. Oooh, I'm excited!!!

Heather said...

i feel ya! I am so done with winter. It just isnt as fun and lovely once christmas is over. I think spring should start february 1st ;)

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