Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Coat - (thanks to Black Apple) and Etsy Update

This is the coat just plain buttoned up, a bit on the boring side - needs a little accessories, but all I have to show at the moment, sorry. Should have snagged one of my red purses at the very least, right?

Check out that rounded color, the vents - they are all over - it's like a coat dress, with two buttons in the back, too. Just too cute not to buy it with such perfect details and fine quality.

I tracked it down after Black Apple's post here. She shows it off much better - open with a cute outfit underneath. I'll try that another time. With the weather this cold I'm sure to have more opportunities.The color is a nice light gray - very neutral, which means a dark red scarf is a good idea...

I wish the pictures were nicer and you could see my face, but I lack severely in self-confidence and I'm nowhere near as cute as Black Apple so I'll just let the coat speak for itself. The scarf is hard to tell, but a really dark burgundy velvet scarf, long enough to wrap around your neck and still dangle - I love that scarf and my mother keeps stealing it!! Darn it! :)

I can't wait to wear it with a cute skirt and tights - here I just wore my typical jeans as it was a quick outing and I thought it'd be too cold for a skirt. But this coat deserves a nice dress or skirt and some fantastic mary janes. I owe it to the coat. If you are interested - it wasn't cheap and I did have a bit of trouble getting it - took quite some time to come through, but for a quality London coat like this - well worth it. I can't believe they named the color so ugly, though - Donkey?? Not appealing, Saltwater...cute company name, but you need better names for your colors - if I hadn't seen how cute it was on Emily I never would have thought to buy a donkey colored coat. I only wish they had this in dark red, too. Not that I could afford two. LOL If you want more info on where exactly to find it let me know, I had some trouble at first, myself.

Next post will hopefully finally show off some of the work I've managed to do. Can you believe it's February already??

I've also updated a few items to Etsy tonight and tomorrow I will photograph and add more. Be sure to check it out!!


Anonymous said...


I found your post while looking for reviews on Saltwater. I wanted to buy their red coat which is in the same style as you have in Donkey (it's on sale!).http://shop.saltwater.net/product/714/S5J05_Wool_Princess_Coat

Do you have a sense on the sizing for the coat? I'm somewhat in between sizes so not sure what to order properly.


58 Cherries said...

It's a great coat. I'd say it is plenty big for its size so if you are in between and think it unlikely to gain - I'd get the smaller size, but that's just my opinion. They have a great size chart available - just measure yourself (chest, waist, etc.) and compare to the chart. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! BTW, you look so darling in your coat! I'm so jealous...I wish I had seen that color when it was still available!

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