Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentines - sneak peek

I've been working on a few Valentine related items, but these are the first to be finished.

You may notice they are all different shades of pink, light to dark and with different backgrounds, one is mixed media with Mona Lisa's eyes and crowns and a heart cut out of vintage music paper, the rest are silhouettes. I was just having fun with them. One was already made as an ornament, but the rest are not, I can alter them to be ornaments or leave them alone.
I love pink and am becoming a bit obsessed with pink and white, I think. :)
Those captivating eyes, the medieval writing on the background makes me think of da Vinci's journals and sketches - like it is his handwriting. It's one of my newer stamps and I love it.

On the back, vintage sheetmusic, my favorite medium, cut in a simple heart with another crown. Just because. :)

A typical silhouette by me, French text, black silhouette of an Austen style young girl. On the back, her bethrothed? Her husband?

Another silhouette, this one in white. I like the play of white and pink and antiqued brown writing. Just seems to go so well together...

On the back, another Austen style man. All of these rectangular silhouettes are on wood, the general size of a standard playing card. They have teeny tiny holes so you could thread a piece of thread through them or ignore it, they just come that way. Or, if you'd like any of these as ornaments with wider thread I can drill a slightly bigger hole as is already done in the ones without text back grounds. Please note - all are different shades of pink. I've been playing around with the colors and I like the varying shades of pink.

This one was completed just as I was finishing up Christmas ornaments. It has a very pretty white ribbon as you can see, there's a glimpse of the other valentines in the side, you can see how much darker a pink this ornament is from the others. I like the postmark stamp and the Bonjour and little fancy fleur de lis stamps on these.

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