Monday, February 22, 2010

Pinch me! And help me pack my bags...

I almost don't want to post about it, but I'm so hopeful at least one of the things I'm reporting comes true that I won't jinx it by admitting them. We may actually, after years of not being able to - travel!!

Yes, indeed, leave the state and see other places and experience new things like...

#1 on the list:

Go see a celebrity do stand up - and not just any one - THE one - the man my mother has fallen in love with and jokingly calls her 2nd husband - Craig Ferguson!!!

(And yes, my dad is jealous, though he won't really admit it)

Oh, you cheeky monkey!

Now, I like him, too, but my mother has gone totally insane for him in the past few months and it may be noted now that my mother has taken 58cherries to twitter (entirely on her own - she doesn't contribute to this blog and I haven't even read her twitter yet so it is two different people so there is no confusion, but we share the name).

She's soooo excited and I'm excited for her, but also, like I said, we share a love for him. A: He's Scottish. Huge plus for us, the accent alone makes our hearts go pitter pat (and I'm proud to say - I'm part Scottish and our last name is the Scottish word for Fox). B: After reading his book: American on Purpose - I really admired his complete candor and humor - he's the kind of guy I actually feel I'd like in person, not so with most celebrities. C: His musical video/intros. Man, do I LOVE those - my dream is if he did one for the show we go to, but the chances are very very very slim, it's stand up and he does them so rarely on his own TV show so I won't get my hopes up (my two faves: Istanbul - BEST! 2nd best: Addicted to Love w/Rosie - love the song and he cross dressed - HILARIOUS!!)

We'll be going to Chicago for the taping - just a weekend trip. And best of all for me is to visit the museums again as the last two times my trips got cut way short and there is so much there I want to see still. I sooooo hope I am up to this trip in time. Please let my back heal faster!!!! I will take my wheelchair, I think. It'll be necessary, I fear with all the walking in the museums. But - yippee!!

#2 Boston!!!

Now this isn't ironclad so I probably just jinxed it, but what the heck, I went to Boston once and LOVED it. We were exceedingly lucky to get my mom's work to okay the time period it would have to be during - it's my father's business trip.

She would LOVE Boston and I so want to show it off to her. The only trip better (than Hawaii, really) would be Seattle - I hated going to both coasts without her as she'd love them even more than I did. So maybe, just maybe Boston!!! Lobster rolls - actually I prefer crab, seafood chowders, fresh fish, a little trip to Salem maybe, who knows how far around we'll get to go - I've been to their excellent aquarium as I'm the type of gal that visits every city's aquarium for some reason - just love them. (warning to those who visit the Boston aquarium - watch where you park, they have a little parking trap nearby and our rental car was towed - baaaad experience).

So - does anyone who lives/lived/traveled there who has any recommendations for what we should see while there?? Oh, I have already been to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum and loved it - have to take my mother there. But seeing as how I probably jinxed it...oh well. LOL I want to see the two Holbeins they have there and the Mary I portrait again - they were wonderful to see the first time and I can just stand there an STARE at the beautiful work that went into those paintings.

(If that trip doesn't pan out - I want to go to Pensacola, Fl. then - I've been a few times and it never disappoints with its beautiful white sands and turquoise water. It was our original destination, but then the Boston possibility opened up and cancelled that plan, *sigh* was looking forward to that beach again.)

So there you have it - one trip locked in pretty much (we have the Ferguson tickets) and maybe Boston!! Oh, I hope we get to go to Boston or at least Pensacola - we desperately need a vacation longer than a weekend - I can't remember how many years it has been now - not even a weekend trip - which means it is far too long. Cross your fingers for us, please??

And any restaurant tips for Chicago or Boston are much appreciated.
Oh, I was just too happy to not share the news. *happy sigh*

And also - my mom's hoping to see Craig at Carnegie Hall with her sister (my Fairy Vintage Godmother, btw) - it's a slim chance but one I hope they get to do - they both deserve it!!

Sorry it wasn't a crafty or decoration post - actually it would have been if somone hadn't hidden my camera on today of all days - grrr!! Hopefully it won't be overcast tomorrow and I can actually figure out the camera I got for Christmas - it's a more complicated than I'm used to and I haven't even tried it out for myself yet. It'll be fun to see if I get a decent pic.

Happy Monday!! I know mine has been.


Heather said...

congrats! How fun! Oh, I'd love to see boston...

58 Cherries said...

It's well worth saving up for as a trip. I have no idea how long we'll be there, but I'm packing in every bit of fun I can. It's been ages since I've been anywhere and Boston was fun!!!

cherries said...

Okay, you are a bit rough on your mother. Oh she's obsessed this and she calls Craig Ferguson her second husband, blah, blah blah, (as A joke mind you).
We have had A LOT of stress this year with your big, hairy operation and all. If your poor, worrying, balding mother needs a laugh, let her have it! Great blog, by the way! Signed, Your Mother

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