Saturday, February 27, 2010

Framed Austen Silhouette - Etsy Update!

The sun is shining, but it is still oh so cold. I just wanted to post an update on my Etsy Store - I actually have quite a few things to put up, but the going is slow as I got this new complicated camera and only just the other day got the hang of it to try it out. Not bad. So I need to get the rest of my stuff together and finally take pics of those things. But for now... I do have one item up that is new:

Sold FAST - thanks!!!

You might remember from this post where I mentioned I framed a page from a Vintage French book and framed it in a beautiful looking vintage-style oval frame to mix in with my own family photos - I just love the piece so I decided to make one for you! I've posted it on Etsy and I have one other frame available and as I say in my info on the item - I'm willing to make a second one (you can choose if you'd like a guy, another girl, the same girl or a different one, etc. - we'll hammer out the details.) and I'll offer the two together for less than buying them individually - a package deal. Just convo me on Etsy if you are interested. The frame is a 5"x7" one with hangers already on the back for hanging, but it also has the fold out for desktop display - I could easily see this next to a stack of vintage Jane Austen novels. Or any vintage novels - it's just too cute. :)

Have a GREAT weekend!!!


laura may said...

That's gorgeous! My fiance and I have decided to use silhouettes for our wedding invitations. Lovely work.


Paula said...

Your blog is wonderful, and I love the items in your Etsy shop. I had a difficult time deciding what I would purchase...everything was so LOVELY! So...I picked two things! I could have picked many more! ;-) Signed up to follow you and am looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic creations!


58 Cherries said...

Laura mae - thanks! Silhouettes are a great idea for wedding invitations - very classy. :)

58 Cherries said...

Paula - wow, thank you SO much! You've given me a huge ego boost I really needed just now. Thank you for your purchases - I will wrap them up carefully and ship them out asap. Thanks again and feel free to shop around more ANY time. LOL :)

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