Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Whoopsy Daisy!

Nearly took a header down the flight of stairs in my house - all due to my bad loose slippers(they are evil and have caused me to hurt myself in the past, I'm through with them now).

I need some that are like ballet flats, glued to the feet and not loose and leaving me twisting my feet terribly like today. I'm so lucky I grabbed the banister as I twisted around. And the banister is loose already so I'm also lucky it held, too. We really, really need to fix those stairs and secure the banister - too many accidents!

So, anyone got a good brand of slippers in mind?? I had some, but wore them out and can't find any decent ones. I'm figuring I'll have to find some online.

Everyone else - be careful, it's actually been only one in a series of several small accidents and bad things today - I'm rather wary now. What else will happen?? *knocks on wood*

So, the whole reason I went up and down the stairs was to get my paint clothes - I'm gonna try out the new paint color we bought for the hall, the soft grayish blue in the main hall seemed dismal and dark - so now we're going for a buttery, sunny yellow - boy I hope this one works, I've painted this huge hall three times already since we bought the house and I'm sick of doing it, but we never get the color right.

Have a Happy Tuesday, and cross your fingers for me. LOL

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