Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Aaaaah, Spring!!

Warning: Flower Spam. :) I love spring! Granted it sets off my allergies and asthma and means a lot of hard work weeding and raking up leaves and branches, but the results... Well worth it. It all started with just a few of my first flowers poking up,

Then soon enough the tiny little Daffodils poked up and I cut a few for my studio for inspiration (I'm painting them right now in my studio) and they look so delicate and early Spring inspiration.

I posed them next to my mixed media spring box I made and love so much. This box is mine and the first I made, but I have another similar one up at my Etsy store if you are interested.

And then the bushes and trees started budding and I just love to see my Lavender bush that is usually neglected doing so well in the corner of my backyard. It'll be beautiful when it blooms!!

I have a few lilac (accidentally called it lavender earlier, whoops) bushes around, but this one showcases also our personally designed, handmade, painted and made with love picket fence. The fence took a LONG time to make as it was so complicated to cut, sand and paint several layers of paint by hand and then put up. It's time for a new coat of paint, but it looks pretty distressed, too. The amount of work that went into that fence alone makes me never want to move. LOL

And another reason? Stone cottages are hard to find in the city. Here's a view of the back of our 'cottage' viewed through the peach blossoms just starting to bud. Aren't they pretty?

I love that view.
More gorgeous flowers just blooming now...
Even the weeds are blooming and trying to convince me they won't need to be pulled for some new flowers to be planted there in a month or so.
This view is a large stone step we made out of the pieces of huge stone that is in the 'ruins' around our house. The same stone the house was made with over a hundred years ago. They are great for steps or to make a Pagan ritual sacrifice table or something. Just kidding. I use them to make my garden pretty.
And here are my peonies just now growing - they look really ugly at this stage like something alien, but soon they will be gorgeous heavy blossoms with such a beautiful scent...I can't wait!!
You'll note they are heavily protected as are the other two I have - otherwise someone might accidentally run over them with the lawnmower, plus they will need some structure for the heavy flowers to lean on.
And last, but not certainly not least, my neighbor's beautiful Magnolia tree that extends over our yard. So pretty this year!!!!!

Hope you all have something pretty and fragrant to enjoy this spring. I'm so happy I can see most of this from my studio windows. Aaaah...spring. I'm so glad you finally arrived. It was 80 today, can you believe it? Or at least if you live in the midwest? It was so cold a few days ago.

Happy Spring!!


apinkdreamer said...

YES! spring is here! what lovely flowers!!!

Linda said...

Hi, A big YES, Spring is here. We've waited soooo long for it's arrival. Now we can smile.

58 Cherries said...

Spring is the best - my sweet almond bush is blooming beautiful and delicate pink - I get lots of compliments and queries on it - I better take a pic fast, my peach tree bloomed and has already lost most of its blossoms in like a day - this spring is happening fast - better soak up every moment. (But I must remember sunscreen - my sunburn is a pain. LOL)

Thanks for the comments!!

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