Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post-Pat Day Letdown and a Childhood Memory

Missed a dentist appt. AND St. Pat's Day in a haze of pain, painkillers, heating pads and reading Twilight (caved to pop culture pressure - kinda like peer pressure). I turned around doing some boring task and something went click or snap or something and AAAAAUGH! I hurt my back. And hip. What makes it funnier is it happened just after my mother's knee popped going up the stairs on Sunday. Meant we were in misery together and I was the healthier one only slightly in making sure we were fed and had water.

This is the first year we didn't make corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. I missed that. Oh well. Goodbye St. Patrick's Day, better luck next year, maybe I'll catch a leprechaun.

When I was in the first grade, and very naive - really really gullible, I'm telling you. I believed my First Grade Teacher (Miss Evil - I mean Miss Williams) who told us this thrilling story of catching one on her neighbor's doorstep that morning and then squeezing him until she made a juice out of him, she then passed out cups of green Koolaide and I was horrified and refused to drink it. Is it just me or is that a mean thing to say to a six year old?? My mom was pissed off at her for that because I was almost in tears when I repeated the story to her later that day. Just a funny memory to share of childhood.

She was a bad teacher in a number of other ways and remains my #1 evil teacher of all time, (though I've had worst ones since then), but I attribute my age and childhood trauma to making her so evil in my memory. I'm happy to report she didn't stay a teacher for long, I could tell she didn't like kids so I wasn't surprised. She went on to work with animals and I saw her again at a demonstration in the 5th grade and she was forced to stand in a corner, looking away as the owls and other birds of prey hated her and wouldn't demonstrate their abilities in front of her. See? Animals sense evil - even birds of prey didn't like her. LOL Sorry, just had to share that...

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