Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pretty Little Presents and a Happy Weekend...

A belated post on two really cool gifties I got for Christmas. One, a pair of cool retro heels, rounded toe so '30's an the two little buckles at the toe - oh so cute, even love the caramel color.
They are pretty tall heels,which is what scares me, one good fall is all I need to land me back in the hospital and I've sworn off any future surgeries. I don't want to ever have to go through that again.

Me, awkwardly trying to show you how they look on feet - they'd look better on someone with a tan and like standing and not me taking the pic at an awkward angle while sitting. :)

But they look cool next to my one and only piece of genuine vintage luggage - luggage courtesy of Vintage Fairy Godmother at an antique store, shoes, from my mom an incredible find (at Xmas, mind you!) on the clearance rack and my size. If only I could wear heals, mum. She was so excited to show these to me she couldn't wait - even though she knew there was no chance of me wearing them so soon after the operation, I was still using a cane and sometimes a walker! LOL But I've been admiring them as decoration and they may stay that way. *sigh*
And my second present was one I've waited years for - a few years ago my dad bought my mom a really great high quality shiny silver watch necklace and had it engraved in front with her initials very pretty and on the back an anniversary message - best present he or anyone has ever bought my mom hands down.

Oh, how I coveted that watch and wanted one for my b-day, but unfortunately - there were none to be found or some so really cheapo - totally not the same thing. My mom hunted and hunted herself for one for me and found me this beautiful one:

The front, not too decorative, just a touch, same size as my mom's and just as good a quality of watch. Not just a decorative junkie one like I've seen a few online at fashion shops.

You see what I mean about opening it up and seeing the quality - beautiful face.

And the back?? Oh, my - so decorative and beautiful - the flowers and curly cues. So sweet. And it really is the thought that counts even more - my parents knew how much I wanted a good clock pendant of my own - I LOVE it.

Have a Happy Weekend!!

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Mercine said...

Hey Nik, Nice watch/necklace. Those are classic. Shoes are cute too. They remind me of a brand called Miz Mooz. They have a rounded toe too. Also I really like the yellow paint. I miss my yellow kitchen/fam room. BUT, cool it and go swimming til the spring cleaning/decorating bug goes away. Love, me

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