Friday, March 12, 2010

Studio pics and rambling...

You'll have noticed by now that I'm posting more decorating than creative stuff lately. That's mostly due to being sick for the past two weeks or so and continued pain from surgery, especially when I overexert myself on days I feel good - making me feel bad again until that wears off - vicious circle as I the throw myself into cleaning and working on the house to make up for the sick days. Fairly dumb of me - I need to hire a housekeeper. First thing I'll do after my lottery ticket wins.

I do have things that if I just finished them I could show off and maybe even sell, but instead...more decorating things. My studio is like 95% ready (as in constructed - still needs a little work on it) and I've been moving things in, moving them around. Trying to get more inspired to create rather than do boring household chores I'm just not up to, but can't help myself from doing.

So...well, here are a few photos of my studio. Just in case anyone is curious. I promise to get back to the studio to actually work - I'll even show you the mess of my main work table so you can see the trouble of a cluttered mind and the problem of a still-moving-in-process a studio can create. LOL
First - my main paint and finished works cabinet as the big closet got stuffed full of junk by well meaning other folks whilst I was on my back recuperating - ahem! I need to haul all the junk out and sort it out so no peek of the closet yet. This cabinet used to house our DVDs AND my artwork in the living room - I was sort of taking it over a shelf at a time. :O) I like it, got it at Pier One on sale. On top you can see a few of my little houses.
Temporary set up of what the studio feel should be. A mix of inspirational things (like the typewriter and bird tier organizer an just cups of colored pencils, tools, brushes, scissors, etc. Just a little desk area for now - I didn't set it up so I'm not sure what exactly to do with it just yet.
By my daybed is a handy set of drawers, painted a favorite blue-green paint I had once painted the hallway of my house and then found it to be much to much - on furniture it's fantastic, though, I think. On it is finished artwork and on the shelf inspiration and art mixed together.

And yes, the dreaded messy main table, which come to think of it doesn't look any worse than most artist/craftspeople I've seen on their blogs. Am I just too much of a neatnik? Probably. Still, I want to get it organized and pretty even while I'm working.

That's all for today - have a Great Weekend!!


Anji Gallanos said...

It's really light and bright. I love it and will keep watching the progress.

apinkdreamer said...

hi! i'm eleni from greece! your blog is fantastic!!!

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