Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Movie Rec - Or Rather - Experience Rec

This weekend is Girl's Weekend Off! My father is off on a wilderness Board Meeting Retreat of some sort with his coworkers and having fun fishing, hiking and doing manly sorts of stuff. (Unfortunately for them this evening they had a horrible storm and tornado scare that sent them all to the basement of wherever they are playing cards and waiting it out - too bad!)

Anyway, while the guy's away - the gals shall play!
We were too tired to get up to much mischief on Friday evening, but first thing in the morning Saturday my mother couldn't wait to go see a movie, not just any movie, of course, the new Craig Ferguson movie as she calls it. LOL (She has a crush I think I've mentioned, we're gonna see him live in Chicago soon) and to the rest of the world it is the animated flick called "How to Train Your Dragon."

As I know there's a lot of parents following my blog I'm sure many of you are being dragged to see it by your kids, (and here, ironically, my mother is dragging me), but I can tell you this - it's pretty good. It's by the makers of Shrek, though I still prefer Shrek and Shrek II, I've always liked dragons and Vikings so it's pretty cute to watch - lots of Nordic Viking details and cool and funny dragons. This pic of the cutest dragon in the movie actually shows him rather scary, but he's so endearing, really. I loved him most of all in the movie. I also loved the girl Viking's clothes - the Gothic chic kinda clothes with little skulls was adorable.

For some reason I can't find a better pic that shows off her outfit - I don't usually like skulls and such, but it's cute here as a belt with the leather studded skirt and her homespun (and rather clingy) shirt. Very cool looking outfit. LOL Obviously the teen boy in the movie falls hard for her. Hard not to like a tough chic that looks like that and fights Dragons! You go, girl!

But I'm not really so much as reccing the movie as the Experience I had - we went to the IMAX 3D version which knocked my socks off!! I've seen the Harry Potter movie with a few 3D scenes in it and was totally underwhelmed - not really worth the extra cost of the movie ticket then, in my opinion, but this entire movie - and it's Shrek 4 trailer were all in 3D - even the logo in the beginning of the film with Dreamworks was cool. You really feel in the movie.

So if you have such an IMAX 3D available to see this movie - or the Alice in Wonderland (which I haven't seen yet) - I totally recommend spending the extra dough for the full experience. Wow was it cool. Whatever new film technology they have for making 3D movies so real - it's amazing.

Yes, I'm gushing, but I just wanted to give parents or just anyone that wants to see the movie a heads up on the 3D. Now as for the Shrek 4 trailer. Funnily enough I'd just thought on the way to the theater that they really shouldn't try to make any more Shrek films - I mean the first one was great and the second one - well, Puss in Boots Rules - but the third one doesn't even register...all I remember is they had some babies...and I own the DVD. I saw their little Christmas special, too...and it just started to feel worn out. But the trailer for Shrek 4 looked original in ideas again and funny as hell - I mean heck. You'll just have to watch the trailer for yourself to see - I was laughing so hard I wanted to see that movie right away. :)

So having a great weekend so far - even went shopping. Kinda nice to have a girlie weekend. Maybe we can hit an Antique Mall or craft store or just make some art and/or crafty tings if we don't feel like going out. Chinese is definitely on the menu. :)

Have a Great Weekend!!!

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