Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now...

The lyrics just keep going through my head as I turn my blue-gray walls of the huge main hallway into a light sunshiny yellow. It better be a bright sunshiny day as soon as I finish the monster I started.
See the huge difference? I still love blue, but the yellow is more cheerful, I concede. And brightens up the whole house as soon as you walk in which is what I want.

Just standing in one spot where I've done most of my work you can see what I have to tackle. It is two floors and one wall of the stairs going down to the basement. Oh and another small wall at the foot of those stairs. HUGE job - believe me, our ceilings are really tall and I'll need special equipment to get high enough - not to mention I hate painting walls - the splatters, the fixing of the wood trim as I get paint on it, but then the trim needs retouching in lots of places anyway. I just started the upstairs (not seen here and there is just sooo much work.)
Ack - why do I do this to myself?

I'm supposed to be exercising and rebuilding my strength from the surgery, but I severely doubt this is what my docs had in mind - lots of bending which I'm not supposed to do, pecariously balancing on stairs (see last post for near fatal fall details :) and holding on for dear life at some points. I have pretty much single handidly done this HUGE hall three times - first two times I kept asking my mother - you like this color? 'Tell me now - before I go further, then she'd wait til it was done and then say - no, I don't like it now.' I have her pick out another shade of the color, she likes it much better, I ask again - you're sure - oh yeah! Then, hmmm, nope.' I finally, I told her to just go pick the paint all by herself and that's how it ended up painted a dismal blue - I love blue, but this is a blue that is depressing and dark and makes the hall and whole house dark so we discussed again at GREAT length and looked at magazines and books and finally decided on yellow, but I won't tell you of the year+ we had in discussing the right shade.
And then she chose a different one at the paint store without me anyway - she's driving me up the wall, literally. Ugh. Whatever - this yellow is here to stay. I'm not much of a fan of yellow, except so many pretty magazine pics have yellow hallways and white banisters and they looked so cheerful I decided that was what we needed. Now I get to do the hard work and try to rope others into helping just a tiny bit now and then.

I'm crazy. I'd much rather be working in my studio or anything else, but I just keep singing those lyrics - gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sunshiny day... And maybe it will be. It'll take more than one coat to cover up the darker colors, too.
So my hallway wall of pictures and letters I was just showing off a bit will have to change in some ways, I disagree with my mother in putting the gold M back up (see previous posts for pics if you are confused - it's only a few posts back) and I should either paint it or leave it off.
Gold and yellow??? Not golden yellow - it looks like GOLD. Whatta you guys think? I think it'd look better white like the one in my room.
Oh, and I'm repainting my bedroom, too, soon. Yes, for someone that hates to house paint, I sure do it more than anyone would imagine - also need to do huge livingroom/kitchen again as the paint seperated horribly and the patches I tried to do showed clearly it won't turn the same color anymore no matter how hard I stir. *SIGH* Can't even forget the project as I've already had the holes and bumps patched up and currently staring at white patches on beige paint. Ick. Can't live with that for long.
The reason my bedroom needs painting is because I tried the same thing in my room - just touch ups - and the paint as soon as I opened it, though it was absolutely unopened and full, was just ruined - I still stirred and stirred and tried to make do - and it looked worse than when I started - so I try to buy more - the hardware store doesn't carry Ralph Lauren paint anymore, which had my paint color - schoal water. And they couldn't find a paint chip to match it in another paint company, and though I know I had some a while ago - I can't find any currently - I might find one and then just try to match it and avoid the trouble, otherwise - might as well go for a new shade of blue, I guess. *headdesk*

Looking up at the tiny skylight up above me - hoping the work will be worth it for that little light to bounce off the yellow.

Spring brings out the worst in me - cleaning, redecorating and painting - they sound good in theory and are horrible to do alone. LOL

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