Friday, August 22, 2008

Grand Opening

Finally, I can announce that my shop is open - yay! Only three things so far in there - not much of an opening, but it is a start, right? I'll be adding things now whenever I can. Please take a look if you haven't already.


SquishyCuteStuff said...

Congrats! And I was the first to ♥ you before you even got anything listed! LOL I so want the sheep pic, but too many other expenses right now :p Your items are totally cute, and I bet you sell something VERY soon!

58 Cherries said...

I noticed! My first comment on my blog and the first to heart my shop - thank you! ;)

I'm so glad I found etsy recently as selling on ebay got a bit discouraging - it can be so expensive to sell with them and ebay is so big you feel lost. Etsy certainly is more tailored to the crafting community.

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