Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shop Update

I've updated with three new items and they are nothing I've blogged about so far. All new and so very, very cute. Check 'em out!!

I'm having a fairly good weekend so far. Yesterday we went to the Greek Festival at my church, St. Nicholas. They have the best shish kabobs, pilaf and spanikopita ever. Mmmm... It's not too cheep and its always really crowded, but that's because it is soooo worth it. Today is spent working around the house and taking pictures, uploading, etc. Hopefully tomorrow will be more fun.

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!!

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SquishyCuteStuff said...

I have always wanted to try Greek food, but never have! I am sure it is sooo yummy ☺

I will be in STL next Sunday... it is my hubbys bday and he wants to go to a Cards game. Pujols bobble-head day!

Keep an eye out... I plan on updating my etsy store (hopefully soon). I have stuff, just need to get some good pics taken.

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