Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time Flies

How quickly a week flies by. I meant to post several times and life just swallowed me up. I did get some painting done this week, but they still need a few details and to scan them. I find that my printer is woefully inadequate to make prints of my work and I'm wondering if I should buy a new printer or take the paintings to a printer to have them done nicely?? Would Kinkos work? If anyone reading this has advice please share it. It's hard to get the colors as vivid and my printer leaves lines in the picture even with a new ink cartridge.

A random shoe love pic:

Cute little rounded toe maryjanes with a side buckle.

Pretty shell pics from my coffee table - the wire basket is from Pier One years ago:

Kitty love:

My kitties being ever so cute as they lick each other's faces.

And a set of Primitive Kitchen Canisters I made to sell. I've sold some on ebay in the past, but I'm thinking of posting this in my etsy store very soon.

They look cute any way you stack them or you can store them all in the biggest box and tuck it aside or ship them easy. I've painted them inside and out in great primitive colors, stenciled them front and back and then antiqued them and gave them a matte finish to seal them.


SquishyCuteStuff said...

I hear you how time tends to fly by without noticing sometimes. I would probably try to get some prints made up somewhere and see how they do before investing in an expensive printer... then, you can use your profit to buy a new printer :-) Super cute pic of the kitties, and I love the canisters!

58 Cherries said...

Thanks for the advice. You are totally right about spending money on a printer. I was thinking of asking at kinkos or maybe down at the local art supply store. And it's funny how fast time goes by these days. When I was a kid time was soooo sloooow.

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