Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Spirit: You find me at last...

I'm out of a bad funk and sickness and I'm ready to spread Christmas cheer and try my best to beat the blues back. The blog is a light sugary pink like cupcake frosting. I hope that doesn't offend anyone's eyes or fashion sense, I'm becoming more and more of a touch of pink to Christmas kind of gal. Red and green can go in the right hues. And all shades of white - yummy.

Now, onto some fabulous news, I made some new Christmas houses that I'd like to share up on Etsy the problem is photographing them so you can see just how cute they are in person. I'm still fiddling with placement for one place to photograph them, then take them all outside for true lighting and individual attention. I just want to give you a heads up on two medium, one small and one large house I will be selling soon. They have glistening glitter roofs that just make me smile I love snow.

As to the header - it is sooo last year, I know, but until I make a better pic of this year's decorations it will have to do. I still love it, though. I just sold that house about a month ago or so and I miss it already. It went to a good home, though and I must get more space so no brooding over favorite items.

But first, I must get a few more pendants up, my mom stole one, okay, I let her take a one of a kind really cool pendant for the Fairy Godmother and that means all the time I took taking pics was wasted, ugh. I'll make a new one that won't be quite the same, but great, too. (I was so out of it yesterday and trying to find what I needed and do five things at once I only got one new pendant up, but you might like to look at it anyway. There is a pic of all other pendants coming).

Oh, and also - ornaments. I will have ornaments up soon, too. I think the gremlins that live to take your keys and one of every sock have been stealing my ornaments for how can I possibly only have 5 ready so far?? I have sooo much work to do. Also two pendants I had up for sale - they mysteriously disappeared - that can't happen and that's why some items disappeared from my shop awhile ago. Sorry, but I made new ones to make up for it, but each one really really is unique and take awhile to make so it's slow going for me.

Santa, how about lending me some elves??

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