Saturday, December 19, 2009

*Yippee!!** A Christmas Surprise from my (Vintage) Fairy Godmother!!!! Hoorah!

On a dreary day, feeling dreary and un-Christmasy - gingerbread house only just begun, mom working on my present/project I will blog thoroughly about when I 'receive' it. I was just not feeling in the mood - trying hard by dimming lights so only the tree and garland on the mantle glowed...suddenly I found a package at my door!! It was so brown and so ordinary looking - it must be missing parts to some washer/dryer thing we had installed today.

But wait...could it be? The address it came from was from the magical Hudson, OH!! Oooooh... It said Todd Family - that means I can open it, right? I'm a Todd. I opened it up, and one peek was the confirmation - a sweet colorful red and white explosion of Christmas cheer from my Fairy Godmother!!

The presents were mine, the card said, but the purse is a toss up, I'm giving it to mum without a look at it myself as the presents inside it were too good to pass up and I'm spoiled already! Three red and white beauty sponges, which briefly I wondered if were cat toys. lol The pipecleaners most very likely are...

Then I looked closely at the two prominent presents...
What?! They are FRENCH?? Oooh La La La! C'est la Francais! One red and white striped and one with the softest poofiest pink poofs and shiny light pink paper. Oh, Fairy Godmother you made my day already!!!
I promise myself I will not open the prezzies that are wrapped until Xmas day as I always need cheering up on that day. But one little prezzie was just rolled up in tissue paper - no hint of ribbon that makes it okay to unroll, right?? Thank goodness I did because look what I found!!!

A tiny green bottle brush tree...awwww!! The sweetest gift already. Thank you Vintage Fairy Godmother - you made a cold dreary day happy already. The wrapped gifts I will try my hardest to resist opening until next week. *kisskiss* - one on each cheek, because zwee are Frainch, oui? Tres European!

Happy Holidays Everyone, hope you have a Fairy Godmother, too. Or no, I'm just selfish enough to be thankful I have my very own. LOL

THANK YOU, Auntie Mae!!!!!!

Edited to add - and yes, I found two tiny wrapped prezzies in the purse, too, still unwrapped. :)

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