Wednesday, December 23, 2009

58 Gingerbread Lane

No one yet has joined me in Gingerbread House decorating show offs - how sad.

Doesn't anyone do Gingerbread houses anymore?? Well, I do. I'm ready to show you my smaller (different kit, too) and less extravagant house this year. Perhaps the residents of 58 Gingerbread Lane are feeling the economy, too. Anyway, without further to do:

The Front with candy lights, peppermint wreath, mint lifesaver path to the door, gumdrop shrubs, doublemint gum door and shutters, etc.:

The back view, you can't see, but I used red icing for the back door and behind the window (pretzel window) for stained glass effect:

And side view, gumdrop ridge of roof, plenty of snow, little (uglier kit peppermint) wreaths between the windows:

The BEAUTIFUL and HEAVY glass pedestal is a remarkable find and a tremendously gracious gift of my Fairy (Vintage) Godmother, of course. It has a history, but I'll keep it quiet, suffice to say this is a really nice vintage find and SO sweet of a gift to me while I was awaiting my operation. I can barely heft it around empty, lol. Now, I don't have piles of cookies to show you, I have dough and filling waiting, but first want to make one other dough to chill while I bake and then I have my snowflake cookies, etc. Mmm...the house will smell so good.

Happy Holidays

and if you made a gingerbread house or a graham cracker house share a pic/link, will you, please?? Better Luck next year, I guess....

By the way - just to make it easier to see last year's gingerbread house here's the link (I added a gingerbread house label as I plan to do it every year I can):

Not too different as you can see except the sweet tart roof took AGES to do. I'd love to do something really different next year. Go wild and create something different like these guys did in the post I had here:


Anne @ The City Sage said...

How precious! You are a talented gingerbread contractor/builder indeed! This is the first year in a long time that we haven't made one--otherwise I would send in pics! Things just got too busy this year (though of course I guess it's not too late!)

Have a wonderful holiday!

Julia's Art Studio said...

Oh, I wished I had time to make one!! It looks like fun.

You did a great shop, you would have beat me for sure :)

Wish you a Happy Holiday!

Tea Time Consultants said...

You are a great builder, makes me want to make a gingerbread house. I am going to try my hand at a gingerbread custard. We will see what happens.

rebekka said...

That is SO cute! I used to make them every year but haven't lately. Love it!

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