Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Fairy Vintage Godmother

Happy 1st of December everyone.

Does it feel like December yet to you? Not to me. Or at least, I'd like a little more time, but time flies and we must struggle to keep up with it.

I'd like to share just two pics of the many little gifties my Fairy Vintage Godmother bought for me - she's my real godmother, but she's like a Vintage Fairy - she's been at this trade of dumpster diving, thrift store scoring, and garage sale nut long before it became 'in' and all the Indie/Newbies started hopping onto the bandwagon. My parents, too, but nobody surpasses my Auntie when it comes to finding treasures. Anyway, I also call her Mrs. Santa Claus because she so loves to give away anything she thinks another might treasure, too.
Anyway, back to the goodies:
As I prepared for my surgery and as I recovered in the hospital, she kept slipping me little presents to cheer me up. Now first let me say that maybe the most well used and appreciated of them all at the hospital was a stack of brilliant colored, soft and wonderful hand towels she just happened to get at Target. Hand towels you might ask? Yes indeed. Ever go to a motel and use their hand towels all scratchy and goodness knows where they've been and how they've been washed. Think the same of hospitals. And when you recover, or maybe it's just me, but when you recover from a major surgery your body overheats - I had a fan blasting and people grabbing towel after towel and wetting them and putting them on my forehead and even a bit of color that wasn't dirty white was a pleasant sight to the eyes.
But these are just two of oh so many wonderful things she gave me:

It's a beautiful little trinket box of a slightly vintage look - the pink is perfect with what I've fallen in love with. Inside where a few wonderful glass (if I remember correctly) cherries. I failed to take a pic, sorry. The bird handle is so precious and so thoughtful.

And as if it wasn't enough, she bought me this gorgeous gold cherries necklace. Something I certainly haven't seen, pins and earrings yes, a necklace? Oh, no, very rare. I love it.

What else did she give me? Oh so many things, I can't remember them all, but two kimonos come to mind. One was new (I think) and rather modern Japanese style, beautiful. She thought I'd wear it to the hospital, but I knew better - a. what if some awful orangey goup they put to sanitize your wound gets on it? b.What if someone steals it? No, it stays at home, but will be worn with love. But the second kimono was an accident. She loves it to death and I've admired it so many times she's come to visit her mother and she left it in my room the one night she slept there while helping out (she lives in Ohio) and she said, let Nicki keep it. For Reals??? OMG It's one of those amazing finds she got at this like magical thrift store she finds the best stuff at. I was at a loss for words for I know she loves that kimono and it means the world to me that she gave it to me. Thank you Fairy Godmother, you move me to tears with your generosity.

It must run in the family as my mom is just the same and Yiayia (their mother - grandmother in Greek just fyi) - they give and they give sometimes til it hurts. I want to be like them. They are my inspiration.


Unknown said...

What a lovely birthday present! I actually went to the magical thrift shop today as a present to myself. Got yiayia somethings and found some for me as well. It's getting harder to find treasures, but that the challenge. This shop has started buying new, cheap clothes that would only fit waif-like people.
Thank you for the beautiful testament to my rather unusual hobby. The thrill of the find keeps me going.
Love to you sweets - Take care!

j. said...

beautiful cherries.

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