Thursday, December 17, 2009

Special Post - second of the day, too!! Etsy Update

My Pink ornaments made it up at last. Silly me for forgetting to do so for so long. Might've had to do with wanting to keep them. lol

Take a peek:

And to see the special backs of the ornaments - oh so pretty and also the ornaments displayed on my white tree you must go to the shop.

What do I love best about ALL my ornaments? They really do look great any day. You can store them away for great delight of reopening them once a year as I do with some favorite ornaments, but some I want around year round just to make me smile. Two posts in one day - aren't you all spoiled? LOL Just kidding.

Off I go to freshen up and then get messy with my gingerbread house. And somewhere after or in the middle I have to make deviled eggs for a Christmas party. And then the dough for some really scrumptuous Christmas cookies to be refridgerated until the day before Christmas Eve. (Or they'll all be gone!!)


Heather said...

they're lovely and so festive! perfect for valentine's day too~

58 Cherries said...

I know! I love valentine's day ornaments and decorations. The day, as a singleton, not so much. LOL

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