Monday, December 7, 2009

Etsy Update: Holiday Houses Up

It's hard to think of parting with my pretties, but I have put them up for sale today. ;) My sorta secret was that I wallpapered the backs of the insides of the houses so you can peek in and see vintage sheetmusic from every window and doorway. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Baking some chicken and making dinner right now. Hope you are all warm and snuggled up in your homes, too.

These are the only houses for the season. If they don't sell they have a great home at my house as I love each and every one. Next up are my ornaments. I'm not quite done and today was faaaaar too overcast to even think of photographing the ones I have done anyway. After that...some more pendants - different this time - sometimes I like to wear my music, does that give it totally away?? lol


Heather said...

oh, these houses are adorable! Love them! Wishing you happy holidays as well :)

58 Cherries said...

Thanks, I worked hard on them every chance I got. I have ideas for next year that are quite different. Happy Holidays!

Fete et Fleur said...

Your header is indeed lovely! Your Christmas houses are wonderful. I love that you papered them with sheet music


58 Cherries said...

Thank you Fete and Fleur - I know most bloggers feel the take the lack of or small amount of comments hard, I sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself and the creativitiy level just goes down. THANK YOU for commenting. I just love peeking in the houses and seeing the paper. I love the paper outside and in. I have plans for fancier and maybe a more prim line also for next year because I love variety. And your site is lovely to visit, too.

Happy Holidays

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