Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Christmas Peek...58 Cherry Lane

A little treasure - a new header - and a sign of things to come. I have been working as hard as I can to at least turn out a few little charms this season. First up are some really cute houses I made. Are you sick of my houses?? Well these are different - these are Christmas houses!! I've fallen hard for the antique white, robin's egg blue and pale pale pink and sage-y green and all of these have been filling my house lately. I still love deep dark red and dark green and Scandinavian style Christmas ornaments and her collection, but when I go up to my bedroom and I want to relax - the soothing pale pale blue walls and white furniture make me want a dreamy escape. Who is it that said all Christmas must be red and green?

Throw out that rule book and join me on my trip through 58 Cherry Lane...

You'll have to wait for the Etsy update to see it in full detail, but as you can see there's a special touch - a little roof over the door way to protect the visitors as they await their invitation in.

It snowed hard over the past day or so in 58 Cherry Lane, but the rooftop (and little roof over the doorway) and surrounding area all glisten with sugary icy coating. To tell you the truth - no picture I take shows you just how pretty the glitter I used is - it's kind of an old fashioned big glitter and I loved it so much I bought trees and they weren't nearly up to par so I coated them in glittery extra snow, too.

Next stop is the Pink House, though only the roof and tiny wreath are pink. The Antique white house begged me to use this color on the roof, it was meant to be, granted the 'snow' is more like an ice storm, the pink shows proudly through and I love it. *

At the pink house, the white shutters are ready to be closed soon as it is getting pretty cold, but they keep them open in the daytime for the sun and to enjoy watching the kids play with their sleds. They hung a pink wreath above their door - a vintage button stolen from my mother's collection, shh, don't tell...

Next stop, oh, is a special one. I'm rather attached to all these houses, but this one is the creme de la creme, literally as it is the White House. Not that one, this one:

Now you can't fully appreciate the specialness of this house as it is photographed here alone. The first two houses I showed you are the medium average sized homes, this is the big house of the lane, You can fit the other two houses, only one obviously at a time, within this home. It has a pink door with a special cut out and another button doorknob. The white wreath is an antiqued pipecleaner with a special very pretty white ribbon. I'll now show you this house in another setting as it is a fairy house it can move on its own, no? Here's another way to display it and one I rather prefer... it is the view above my desk temporarily. I apologize for the small picture so that you can't see two of the glass cherries on the middle shelf right in front of the big white N, Fairy Vintage Godmother gave me those and I managed to pose two to look like they were joined. It's so cute in person. I suck at taking pictures anyway. I climbed on tiny chairs and leaned precariously and endangered myself taking this pic, though, so I'm proud of it. I was also spooked by a phone call right as I got down as if a family member or medical professional had witnessed my naughty and dangerous behavior. Luckily it was a telemarketer. Phew. I even held the camera over my head and just prayed for a good pic. Not too shabby, eh??

And last, but certainly not least is my other favorite (heck they are all my favorites) the little bitty sage colored house that perhaps the poor Cratchit family could have lived in with Tiny Tim in comparison to the big white mansion. It has a door, too, with a little button doorknob and I think it's tiny size is perfect as it is the same size as the house I just sold that was my old holiday header.

Truth is these aren't even the best pictures, they don't show the inside, either, a surprise awaits, but perhaps you can peek through some of the windows and see something. Anyhow. These are all indoor pics with the best light I could do - days are so short now. So this morning I took even better pictures of them in bright daylight and with the roofs off and maybe the colors slightly truer and even the three different sizes of houses lined up so you can see the difference. They are nesting houses, you can store them with care inside the large White House is you would like to buy three out of the four or all. One medium will have to stay alone then, obviously. I've decided to make another White House as I'll be sad if it sells it goes so well with all the whites and Shabby and Chic and Vintage and dream home of mine.

So stay tuned for the update. I'm much too tired today and I have much cropping and rotating and resizing and all that still to do. But this peek is to show you what to expect and maybe you'll pick one out ahead of time and snatch it up.

The Etsy update either late Monday or Tuesday. And then a few more jewelry items and the best to come: Ornaments. Ornaments on my little white tree that I've actually been working off and on with since June, can you believe it. And I don't have that many ready because I am a real critical craftsman, it has to be perfect and it has to be something I'll want to keep because if it doesn't's mine. lol Which is okay with me.

Happy Holidays everyone. After this week I'm focusing on home decorating and a Gingerbread House!! Now, I hope someone else will make one and share a link in comments!!!

58Cherries Elf - Head Elf, mind you...

*It's as pretty as an ice storm is I have a love/hate relatiionship with ice storms - we've had some nasty ones in St. Louis over the years, I say nasty as I once had to crawl. Literally crawl inch by precious inch in thin jeans in my college years up hill to get to work at the University library. I had really smooth rubber soled sneakers that were completely unsuitable for the weather and the snow plows had made an ice wall that made it impossible to even get to the street between cars and walk up that way and the other side of me was a field of pure ice. But I digress. The real point is that if you are safe and snug at home you see the beautiful icicles hanging everywhere and the world glistens and almost seems like a fairyland. Until the branches break and the power goes out and...well...never mind. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi, I came over from "Posey gets Cozy." I love your houses and will peruse your Etsy site tonight (waiting for the update). --Connie in Milwaukee

58 Cherries said...

Hi, I updated, if I knew your blog if you have one so I could let you know, but I respect your right to remain Anonymous - mysterious.

All the houses are up. I am now going to update with ornaments today. Yesterday I managed to take the pictures, but was so tired and wore myself out by doing too much and photographing outside in BITTER cold that I then had chills and laid down for the rest of the evening. Then 5 in the morning after being awake with pain for an hour I got some cropping and rotating of pics done and will finish today and then there will be much more to look at. There's also a craft project for my Xmas present that I know full well about - I requested it, lol, that I'll blog about, too. I hope you read this comment.

Happy Holidays, Connie

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