Monday, March 22, 2010

A Movie Rec, an Article and an Earache, Oh My!

If you liked Gosford Park and/or the BBC Pride and Prejudice with the absolutely perfect (NO OTHER Mr. Darcy exists in my house) Colin Firth then you might enjoy 'Easy Virtue' - a movie I hadn't heard of until I saw it on cable a week or so ago. I LOVED Colin in this movie - the perfect amount of sullen suffering and dry wit (reminds me much of Hugh Laurie in Sense and Sensibility a bit, but with more of a backbone) and I also loved the costumes, the time period - the feeling of Gosford Park scenery and the sarcastic servents (the butler is so great!) and well...I even liked Jessica Biel - what a surprise! She never really registered on my radar of good actresses, but boy was she good in this one!! Wow.

The absolute best part of the movie has to be...the Tango!! Firth is dead sexy when he's dancing. As Mr. Darcy or doing a devil may care tango in front of his seething wife.

There is plenty of humor and acidic wit (Kristen Scott Thomas at her best as evil mother/wife), but the romance and Happy Ending....ahhh, those made me love this movie.

An article to read - for those of us who have love/hate relationship with technology and like a bit of humor - Parade magazine's column by Craig Ferguson. Anyone who has gotten a ticket in the mail or knows someone who has will totally agree. LOL

And finally, an earache from hell. I never really suffered from such a bad earache before - is it usual to radiate down and around your whole half of your skull and cause sooo much pain? I can't sleep on that side at all and getting quite a crick in my neck on the other side. I could even feel it trickling down my throat all night and woke with a bit of an upper respitory infection from it and a cough - ugh. Bad infection = lousy weekend. My jaw hurts and it makes eating hard. Eh, I'm whining, I know.
Luckily I've got my antibiotics and pain pills and it is slowly getting slighty better. The cold rainy weather we got this weekend didn't help one iota. Hope everyone else had a good weekend, though. I'm still a bit cranky, though a new book and dvd are cheering me up right now.

Happy Monday, if such exist...


a pink deamer said...

hi! do not worry! you are not the only one! i have got a really bad flu so i had a bad weekend!but thanks to my art journaling and to my fairies i'm better now!
so, i'm sending my fairy-witches to cast a protection spell on you!!!

58 Cherries said...

Aaah, thanks I feel better already. :) I should work on my art - it likely would make me feel better than moping in bed. First thing tomorrow I'm breaking out my supplies again and getting back to it. Thanks for the spell and motivation!

Cottage Cozy said...

OMG...first of all I hate ear aches...they are the worst...those and toothaches! Ouch! Hope the medicine is starting to work! Secondly...that movie...right up my alley...I can't wait to rent it!

I am having a "Blue Monday" giveaway. Hope you can pop over and take a look! So nice to visiting your blog today! Have a great Wednesday!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

58 Cherries said...

Thanks - yes, the earache is only just now abating a bit. And speaking of toothaches - I had missed my dentist appt. AGAIN that day I woke up from the worst night of my life with the earache. I'd already been rescheduling like crazy ever since my surgery until I was feeling right. Just as well since my earache was so awful. Now it is tomorrow and I CAN'T miss it again - they'll kill me with their little pointy tools. LOL I'm making muffins to soothe any hard feelings. Making cookies or a cupcakes just seems wrong for a dentist office - like I'm encouraging tooth decay or something. :)

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