Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hello and Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays!  I'm still alive and still posting. I just seemed to move on to Instagram these days!  I loved blogging, but it seems so many others moved on, too. I like the accessibility and visibility of Instagram these days as it's so much easier to post pictures and easier for larger audiences to see you with hashtags. id like to invite anyone who hasn't yet to please visit me at 58Cherries on Instagram and see what I've been up to!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall Decor - Remember, Remember the Fifth of November...

No gunpowder, treason or plot, thankfully - but there is decorating going on...

I love Autumn: the colorful leaves, pumpkins, and Thanksgiving.  It's also a great time of the year for decorating.  Just thought I'd share my fireplace display...

 I chose my Henry VIII portrait in the gold frame to help bring out the Fall colors.

The Indian Corn Garland was made by my mother - very cute!

Even Orion approves:

And I added one of my typewriters to the mantle because it deserves a little attention.  ;)
Just thought I'd share these pictures.  Hope you enjoyed them.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Flowers and New Additions

Spring is here!! 
Loved these flowers at the store so I couldn't resist bringing them home. 

They grew very big and bold within days...

I added a new necklace to the shop -

And since it is the time of weddings and such - I thought I'd add some cute little Silhouette tags!

Great for Bridesmaids presents or gift tags, ornaments, tea parties, etc.!!

Check them out in my shop!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Etsy Update - Gnomes, Owls, Enchanted Doors, Silhouettes and More...

Just thought I'd share a few recent updates to the shop...

Most recent addition - a Jewelry set of necklace and earrings. 

I found the cutest Gnome House...

So I added a pink glass pear to give it a little color and a feminine touch. It's hard to photograph a delicate pink that shows up.  All I can do is assure you it's more pink in person.  *shrug*

And what good is a Gnome House without Gnomes?  These gnomes are so darn cute - they stand on their own and everything.  Very detailed.

I debated selling them separately, but they are too darn cute not to go together.


I also added some silhouettes to the shop - of course.  But the reason I needed to add a bunch was I had a large order this week - I still need to make new bigger silhouettes, but for now I added these.

So sweet - in my favorite frames.  Funny thing is, no sooner did I put it in the shop then it sold within about 2 hours.  Wow!  So here I am with another set.


Totally new to the shop:  Owl Earrings!  So cute - hoo hoo. 

And finally, for now, I added a cool new piece - a Gothic Fairy Door with a beautiful chain of connecting Pearls.  So pretty and romantic!!


Please check out my shop for more!!  Have a Good Weekend!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015!! Stay warm with Greek bread and Cute Fox Scarves!

New Year's is pretty low key in our house.  Mostly we watch movies or marathons on TV (Breaking Bad this year - pretty good show!).  But we also baked traditional Greek New Year's bread - Vasilopita.

Basically it is just a bread with a coin wrapped in foil baked inside.  Whoever cuts the piece that has the coin has good luck that year.  You can use a variety of dough recipes or even make it a cake.  We took another stab at making Tsoureki.  It's a kind of sweet, slightly heavy bread.  It came out rather thick.  Smelled fantastic as it baked.

Here's a pic:

It's supposed to say 2015.  This one showed up the best, the other one looked scrambled.

So far 2015 has been pretty peaceful, but it is, of course, COLD!  Tomorrow is supposed to be 9 F at the warmest here.  Brrrr!!  We ended up making some scarves.  I put one in the shop as it is too cute not to share!

Who doesn't love a cute Fox face?? 

They are so cute and cheerful - put a smile on my face every time! 
You can get one HERE.

Stay warm!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

French Christmas Ideas for the Tree

I love looking up new ideas to make my tree look tres Francais!  This year I'm dreaming of some macaroon ornaments...

These super shiny ones in multiple colors and that oh so cute packaging...

Is sadly no longer available.  Found it here

But these are available:

Santa, please send me these!!  Found here.
 Sur La Table has some super cute ornaments this year! 

A perfect dainty pink macaron.  I can't get a bigger picture, but the website does.

Both found HERE
And while we are at Sur la Table...have you seen their Gingerbread House??
Now that's a Gingerbread House!!  I'd love one if someone would put it all together for me, too.  I can only imagine the disasters I'd have if I tried that ambitious of a project...
Fa la la la la....

Monday, November 24, 2014

Shabby Chic Holiday Decor and Etsy Updates

Even as I ready last minute Thanksgiving details, I can't help but turn to the next holiday.  I've been decorating already and, of course, added a few things to my shop.

My little French house...

I swore I'd keep this house for myself, but I can never help putting things up in my shop no matter how much I want it so it is for Sale.  Available in my shop.

I've made plenty of Silhouette ornaments in the past, but the little white tree I had was woefully inadequate to display them on.  I bought a much bigger one to better show them on.  I'm still fiddling with the tree, but here's a first look:

I've added a lot of new kinds of ornaments this year - some framed, some paper mache.  Different sizes and shapes, different backgrounds, etc.  It makes for an eclectic mix on one tree, yet rather interesting, too.  I'm selling them in pairs or alone for the most part. 

This is the first set of new ornaments I added a few weeks ago to my shop. 
They are available HERE.
They are Frames that are ornaments - beautiful to see in person. 
Check out the details:

 They look lovely together or apart.  Add a touch of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy to your tree...


Or if your favorite Austen novel is's the perfect ornament for you!

This ornament has Chapter 1 page on one side - you can read the beginning of the novel on it. 

A Parisian Set of Silhouette Ornaments:


I put the Eiffel Tower and an Antique Typewriter on the backs.  So cute!!


I'm not done adding new ornaments to the shop - here's a quick photo of what I have ready to go up.
I'll post more when I can...Happy Holidays!!
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