Friday, February 27, 2015

Etsy Update - Gnomes, Owls, Enchanted Doors, Silhouettes and More...

Just thought I'd share a few recent updates to the shop...

Most recent addition - a Jewelry set of necklace and earrings. 

I found the cutest Gnome House...

So I added a pink glass pear to give it a little color and a feminine touch. It's hard to photograph a delicate pink that shows up.  All I can do is assure you it's more pink in person.  *shrug*

And what good is a Gnome House without Gnomes?  These gnomes are so darn cute - they stand on their own and everything.  Very detailed.

I debated selling them separately, but they are too darn cute not to go together.


I also added some silhouettes to the shop - of course.  But the reason I needed to add a bunch was I had a large order this week - I still need to make new bigger silhouettes, but for now I added these.

So sweet - in my favorite frames.  Funny thing is, no sooner did I put it in the shop then it sold within about 2 hours.  Wow!  So here I am with another set.


Totally new to the shop:  Owl Earrings!  So cute - hoo hoo. 

And finally, for now, I added a cool new piece - a Gothic Fairy Door with a beautiful chain of connecting Pearls.  So pretty and romantic!!


Please check out my shop for more!!  Have a Good Weekend!
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