Tuesday, December 17, 2013

French Christmas Picks on Etsy - 2013 - Joyeax Noel

It's been awhile since I posted something other than my own shop items so here is some French Christmas Inspiration/Gifts on Etsy...
Instant Download French MAILMAN delivering Christmas Gifts Antique 1907 Victorian Postcard DIGITAL Scan
It's a download Post card - super cute - works for Valentine's Day, too!
JOYEUX NOEL - Merry Christmas - French CHRISTMAS Signs - 9 x 18
Available here.  Gotta love a good sign!!
French Christmas Sheet Music, Digital Illustration, Digital Print, Scrapbooking, Digital Download, Vintage Music Sheet, Christmas Print
Another Download - Available here. 
I'd rather have the original, but this is cute, too.
Christmas Fox Digital Illustration, Vintage Graphic, Christmas Image, Digital Print, Scrapbooking, Digital download
I love this even more!!  But only if it was the original post card.
Available here.  (Same store as last one).
Christmas Holiday French Macaron Peppermint Bark Macaroons Dessert Gift
And last, but not least - something sweet!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Silhouette Ornaments and Last Minute Orders

I've been so busy keeping up with listings for the shop and shipping I've been too busy to update ye olde blog, but I thought I'd take a minute now to do so...

First, I have new ornaments in the shop:

First up:

This is the loveliest, I think.  Making papered ornaments is difficult, especially the round ones.

This ornament SOLD just the other day.


These are lovely ornaments with two different couples stenciled on each side, the background is French Text.
The great thing about these ornaments is they aren't 'Christmasy' - they go well year round - make great presents and can be used as tags on gifts or special Valentines.  I love these.

This is a Custom order made for a customer who wanted facing silhouettes in 5x7 frames, but you'll note they face opposite of what I usually offer.  You can always request a custom order if you see something you like, but want it a little different.


These will go on either side on the wall of above a bed - so cute!!

And to be different I made some beautiful dark red ornaments with white silhouettes this year - this is a set of three ornaments sold together with SIX different silhouettes - three couples all together.  They look much lovelier in person...

Jane Austen Inspired Silhouette Ornaments - Dark Red and Antique White- Ladies and Gentlemen - Shabby Chic Christmas Decor - Grubby Prim

Available in my shop HERE

For those of us who like hearts...

Jane Austen Style Silhouette Heart Ornaments - Red and White - Ladies and Gentlemen - Shabby Chic Grubby Prim - Christmas Valentine

Stenciled different ladies and gentlemen on each side.

These are the PERFECT Valentine!  ;)

The long promised last medium sized French Text house with a black roof is finally up:

Vintage French Text Fairy House with Black Roof - Medium - Grubby Prim and Shabby Decor - Great Fall or Christmas Display

Available HERE

Available in My Shop HERE
Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fairy Houses for Holiday and Everyday Decor - Just in Time for Christmas!

EDITED to add:  As of 12/4/13, my banner of my blog shows most of the houses that are up in my shop (and one just about to post) all together on my fireplace mantle as part of a Christmas/Winter Display.  Aren't they adorable??


I promised better pictures, here they are:

These are the houses that are available in my shop as of today.

They make an impressive display on my book shelves in my bedroom. 
This is the largest of the houses - it's beautiful.  The paper on the front is the title page of the song - 'Savoyarde' by Carl Reinecke.  It has the same dark red roof that the other two music houses have - all three look beautiful together.
Available in my shop HERE.
This picture shows the medium sized house inside the large house - they fit each other perfectly.  You can put the small house inside the medium and then all three will take up the room of only one house.  Great for storage and shipping.  If you buy two or all three sizes I can combine your shipping.  Convo me for details.
I very rarely make these big houses - this is currently the only one available.  You can really show off the Antique Sheet Music with this house.  So beautiful.  You can store and play with some dollhouse furniture with this house.  It is not for small children to play with, though - older children, maybe.  ;)  I think it looks great on a shelf or above a fireplace.  Just about anywhere.  Great at Christmas and anytime.

The lighting kind of washed out the color of the pictures a bit - it is darker in person and better able to see the music.  I'm not sure why the pictures just don't do it justice.
Here are all three music houses together...
 Not only do they nest inside each other - you could even stand them on top of each other - they balance easily on their chimneys.  Not sure why you'd want to do that, but I thought it was cute so I thought I'd share it:

And don't forget the two little French Lit houses - they are still available right now, though the medium size sold out fast last month.  I am making one more medium French house right now before I stop for the holidays and I don't know when I'll make more - they are very labor intensive.

And if you want more details on your house - this is in my shop as well...

It's covered in pages from a Vintage English book on composers.  Very cute!  It has black shutters, a Floral vintage design paper door and a button door knob.

Maybe the Borrowers live there!  ;)

Don't forget to buy Homemade and Upcycled gifts for Christmas!  Support Small Businesses and give One of a Kind gifts...all available at 58Cherries on Etsy.  ;)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Big, Medium, Small - All the Sizes of the Fairy Houses Together

I'm going to be posting the largest sized Music Fairy House soon in my shop and I wanted to give a little preview/overview of how the houses look in relation to each other...

This is just from my camera on my phone late at night - much better pictures to come.  But on the middle shelf you can see big, medium and small houses in relation to each other - all red roof and Antique Sheet Music.  They look adorable together, no?  And bottom shelf has the two black roof Vintage French Book papered houses. 

Hope you all had a happy weekend.  Busy finishing up orders to ship and new items for the shop before Christmas.  Busy, busy, busy.  Orion is helping, of course.  ;)

Or maybe not...

Here he is around Halloween doing his Hitchcat pose:

And here he is just hangin'

If you look at his baby pics a few months ago you'll notice he's much fluffier and pretty!  He's growing up very handsome, indeed.  In fact, he's very smart and visual - he's watching me type this right now - sitting on my knee watching the letters go across the screen.  He's telling me to be careful with my spelling and my grammar is atrocious.  ;)

10 more days until Thanksgiving!!  Gobble Gobble

Friday, November 8, 2013

New Fairy Houses - Shop Update - Music and French Book Paper - Great Christmas Gifts and Decor

Hi, the last set of Fairy Houses sold out of the Medium sized FAST so I am putting up the next batch I have ready.  Only one medium sized one this time (last time I put two up and they sold together super fast), but I'm working on one other.  It will be a French house, but for now - here are two more Sheet Music houses and one more small French house being put up in my shop today and tomorrow...

The largest house in the middle is a beautiful house made of Brahms Sheet Music - It has his name in the upper right corner and Opus 117.  It's music inspired by a Scottish folk song.  It has many beautiful details.  Check out the listing HERE in my shop for more.

The smaller house was made with paper from the same book - they look adorable together.

Here I added the other small French house to the grouping, but there is also another medium French house with a red roof and black shutters available in my shop, too.  So be sure to check out my other listings for more. 

And I thought it would be cute to take a photo of the three small houses together.  Three little piggies could live in them...  ;)
So be sure to check my shop as I add the other houses.  I am making just one more house right now (medium sized French house) and I might add another one or two if the demand is high, but these are so much work and I have a lot of other items to work on so these will remain limited in number as usual.  Snatch them up while you can! 

Remember:  each one is unique - I use only real antique sheet music and book paper - I make no photocopies - they are each unique and all hand painted, antiqued all over, sealed with a matte finish.  They make GREAT gifts or Christmas displays or year round decor.  They are even cuter in person and every time I sell one it hurts to give it up.  I've yet to keep one for myself as I always want to make them available to customers as I don't make many, but one of these days I really will have to promise one for myself.  :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just in...New Houses in my shop!! Sheet Music and French Papered Fairy Houses Available Again!

It's been nearly two years since I had some Fairy Houses available in my shop, so I wanted to be sure to let you guys know as soon as they were available, which they now are!

I am currently making just a few more, but after this crop I don't know how long it will be before they are available again.  They are quite a bit of work.  I currently have one medium Chopin Sheet Music house with a black roof available...


I usually make the music houses with a red roof, but I decided I liked this Chopin house with a black roof for a change.  So pretty!  It has all original (no photocopies or scrap book paper) pages from a turn of the century sheet music book - this particular book had Chopin music and I used 'Valse Brillante' for this house.  Check out the details!


As always, the houses are made of paper mache and you can open the roof and store items inside, the smaller houses fit perfectly inside - or you can cut put a fake candle inside to light it up in a display.  Alternatively, you can cut a whole and put a small string of Christmas lights inside.  You can display miniatures or figurines around or inside it.

Truly a beautiful piece - so much nicer in person - pictures can't do it justice!

Available HERE.


And also available is this pair of medium and small vintage French book papered houses...


They are so adorable together I would keep them together...  ;)

But these are available seperately.  They are made from the same vintage French book.

Available in my shop HERE.

Vintage French Text Fairy House with Black Roof - Medium - Grubby Prim and Shabby Decor - Great Fall or Christmas Display


Check out the listing in my shop for more details.

Available HERE.

I will be adding just a few more houses soon.  I have a few red roof ones coming up.  I hope to get them all up for Fall/Christmas season as they are so beautiful to display then, but really all year round.  Be sure to grab one while you can!!

Edited to AddBoth Medium sized houses are SOLD - to the same customer!  Thank you for your business!!  Only the small house is up for now, but I'm working on more now - gotta get a few more up before Christmas - I know there are plenty of others interested in a house so have no fear I will have a few more up soon, but like I said - they go FAST!  And they take quite a bit of work and time to make and each one is unique.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Orion's Belt...or What have I been up to??

September is already nearly halfway over!  Where HAS the time gone?  Well the last few weeks I've been very busy with my new baby...kitten that is. 
This is Orion - 4 months old here and only a day with me.  I caught him mid bath and you can see his tiny tongue sticking out if you look close.  Awww...try and resist the cuteness!

He bonded with me so thoroughly that his favorite place is to sit on my chest and knead my...well he's a boob man, shall we say - and also my throat, which is not so fun as he gets bigger.  LOL  He'll be too big for that behavior for long, but for now I find it adorable.  He then passes out draped along my neck like a scarf.  It's what all the Paris catwalks will be having this Fall - kitten scarves. 

BUT I have no photo to share of that particular habit.  I'm too shy to post pics of myself (you may have noticed LOL) - but I do have plenty of pics to share...

Here is one of his first pictures.  Such a sweetie - got him from the animal shelter - he just won my heart.  They said he likes climbing shoulders (yep), and he purrs the most.  Say no more! 

He has the funniest coloring - he's black and white in front, but then there is a definite line where it turns gray all over his back (dare I say - a belt between?) and his face and tail are quite fluffy and long haired, but the middle is kind of fluffy, but short.  And his ears!!  Cameras don't quite catch the goofiness of his long white tufts in each ear - they remind me of Yoda at times.

Here he is 'just chillin' with my older cat Smokey (or Loki as I call him - he's a crafty one).  They get along somewhat, but the age difference is a bit much.  Smokey is very calm and zen (most of the time) and despite appearances in the pictures, Orion is a Mischief Maker.  His nickname is M&M.  ;)

And now we hear from Orion...
Orion:  Who me?  Mischief??
I just sleep and sleep and charge up while mommy updates her shop...
And I like to cuddle...and am possessive...
And Miracle of miracles...I get mommy to allow a rare picture of herself - because she's totally besotted in me.  We are best of buds - we love all things British, too.
And I may be planning to jump back on her shoulders and purr my heart out again.  Because I'm just that loveable...  If you want a kitty or pup in your life go to your local shelter and pick one of us out - we all need homes and we fill your hearts with love in return.  XOXO
And there you have it.  I lost my two cats over the last few years and our dog, too from old age and illness.  It's been very quiet with just Smokey and while he was happy being Top Cat and enjoying all our love and attention...he kept yoddeling at night in the hall - very much seeming to be calling for the missing pets.  Something he didn't do until they were all gone.  It hurt to hear and I do believe he was lonely.  He may get annoyed with a energized kitten in the house, but I do think they are bonding a bit. His days are certainly not boring anymore. 
Orion is making everyone happy.  Here's a pic of my dad who now works from home during the day...
Orion: Work?  Boring - PLAY with me!!!
Have a Great Weekend!!
P.S.  I named him Orion just because I wanted a cool name and he's quite the little hunter (and hey - it's Greek, like me), but then I realized...Men in Black!!  Orion's Belt...  LOL  Oh well.  Guess I wasn't being original.
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