Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beat the Heat!

Have a refreshing cool treat.

Like watermelon - mmmm!

Another great thing to do is watch Mad Men on AMC right now.

Image from

Loving the vintage clothes we get to drool over! I especially love how Joan dresses - her blue dress with the ruffles last week was to die for. I can't find a picture of it anywhere - anyone know where I can find one? John Hamm is fantastic in this series - and he's from St. Louis, too! ;)

They are even doing a casting call for anyone that would like to try for a walk in part. See Heather's blog entry for more details and to help her pick a photo to send in - I LOVE the Coca Cola pic! ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lazy Summer Daze - I mean Days...

I've been absent far too long, sorry! Part of it was lazy HOT summer days and little energy to do much and then I went on a little vacation last week. It was a business trip to the Ozarks and while I was really hesitant to go, I did end up enjoying a road trip and some shopping, so it was actually quite nice. ;)

I was really grumbling at first...not in the mood to go, but then I saw the bluest skies and the prettiest green trees - and well, you can't stay in a bad mood for long after that. Just look how we're getting ready here to drive down into the lush greenery ahead!

I wish I could show pictures of cute places we stopped at, but we were flying down the highway with no time to stop as there was a meeting that very day we had to make and nearly 4 hours of driving to do before we got there. So, I don't have pictures of the St. James winery, or any of the vineyards we passed, it's little known, but Missouri does quite a bit of wine making. I even would have been glad to stop for a minute to stretch my legs and check out The World's Largest Rocking Chair' at one point. LOL But sadly, we flew past that as well.
I didn't even manage to get pictures of the horses or cows we passed, and even once - an Emu farm! Instead, I have a picture of a field of rolled up hay:

Exciting, I know. ;) It was soooo hot last week. We were swimming through the air when we got out of the car. Ugh. Still, we stayed at a rather nice place - the Tan-Tar-A Resort. Lots of boats and an indoor water park, pools, horseback riding, etc.
Our view was amazing:

And every day we could see people parasailing soooo high in the sky!! They are far braver than I!!

The view must be amazing, but I'll never know, I'm a chicken.

Anyway, the resort was nice, but the best part was the huge Outlet Mall there - I bought so much stuff! I'll have to take a pic of my new purse - I just love it! We also had the best BBQ ever at a place called Wobbly Boots. Great ribs and a really delicious baked potato soup I wish I could get in St. Louis. Mmmm...
That's all for now, but I'll be sure to post regularly again. Hope you all are doing well!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Congrats, Christine!

I'm so sorry I forgot to draw a name earlier. I'm a day off and forgot it was Thursday already - whoops! I meant to take a pic of drawing a name out of my pretty glass jar, but it's too late and too dark now and I'm already behind so without further ado the winner is...Christine!

And that just happens to be the lovely Christine of Du Buh Du Designs! Wow! If you haven't already - be sure to see her lovely dolls and a fantastic giveaway she's having, too!! Be sure to look up her past tea parties - she's amazing with dolls and miniatures!

So, Congrats, Christine - I'll email you asap!

I had so much fun blog hopping from party to party, but I missed quite a few - there were soooo many! My apologies if I haven't visited yet, I wasn't systematic in going down the list so I forget where I did and didn't visit so I need to do that right away.

Thank you to ALL my party-goers and for your lovely, lovely comments!! I cherished each one and I hope you'll come back again and visit. I'm thinking of doing some themed parties of my own - like maybe a Marie Antoinette one (I'm rereading a biography on her) just to enjoy all thins French and frilly and maybe an English tea party for my great love of the Tudors - I have soooo many things Tudor-themed in my house it would be nice to share that collection with you, too. So many ideas!

Have a great weekend an Happy 4th of July!!!
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