Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In Bloom - New Flower and Garden Inspired Jewelry - Make Great Bridal Gifts!

As we head into August I'm enjoying all the lovely flowers in bloom and veggies in my garden.  From all this beautiful inspiration I decided to add some color and summer to my shop.  So may I introduce the first three pieces....
A beautiful Rose Pink Dahlia on a lovely silver filigree setting?
Up close it is even prettier! 
Available in my shop HERE.

I swear the pictures don't do it justice no matter how I try...I'm no great photographer - I tried to capture the beauty of the piece, but it eludes me.  I want to point out the depth of the piece - it is no flat piece of jewelry, the setting has a delicate dip and curve to it and the resin flower has so many layers of petals!!  I love this piece dearly.


And on the other side of the spectrum of colors I've done a beautiful Ivory White Dahlia on Antique Brass.  The round filigree setting you can find in my typewriter jewelry, but this particular piece I set on a (new to the shop - and only one I have so far) flower chain necklace!  I think it adds to the garden feel without overpowering the pendant.
Available in my shop HERE.

Still can't capture the true beauty of the piece, but at least you get the idea - please check out my shop for more photos.

I love the Victorian feel of this piece...

And the third piece (actually the first I posted in my shop) is a Rose Pink Dahlia on a Flower/Filigree setting.  Simple, but elegant.
Pink Dahlia on Antique Silver color Flower Setting on Silver Plated Chain - Summer Romance and Shabby Chic
Pink Dahlia on Antique Silver color Flower Setting on Silver Plated Chain - Summer Romance and Shabby Chic

Available in my shop HERE.
Pink Dahlia on Antique Silver color Flower Setting on Silver Plated Chain - Summer Romance and Shabby Chic

And that is not all!!  I have more flower jewelry coming soon!  Different colors, settings, etc.  Please check my shop for updates!!  I hope you like these pieces.  As soon as I made my first necklace my mother snatched one up for herself.  LOL  It's getting to be a bad habit with her - I'm having trouble getting things into the store before she can grab them.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Whale of a Time - Summer Inspiration - Happy Hump(back whale) Day!

I love whales and in the summer I love seeing new items out there that are inspiring...
First up - a beautiful bottle opener!  How cute is this??
There there are these really cool items for kids' rooms:

Which unfortunately Pottery Barn Kids no longer has in stock, but you could always check out Ebay
Then there is some delightful fabric at spoonflower:

Simple, but so cute.  Available here.

This is more pirate themed, but with cute whales, pirate ships and mermaids - who could resist?  Available here
And Spoonflower has a lot more whale themed fabric so look there for more!
And last, but not least - a great artist that makes really beautiful whale art - here are a few of my favorites:

His name is Greg Pezzoni - google for more great art!!
And that's it for this post, but I have another big Etsy update coming up son - plenty of new items in the shop - please check them out!!  ;)
Happy Hump(back whale) day!  Sorry, couldn't resist.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th! Flowers and British Loving Kitties...

Er - well, Smokey didn't get the memo and thought the Brits won...

Well, that or he is as big a Sherlock fan as I am...  Mum bought me that pillow for Christmas.  ;)

But meanwhile outside...

My Lily of the Valley is in desperate need of dividing. 

And I found some beautiful Foxglove and Delphinium to plant in my cottage garden!

And after those pics we painted the porch and fixed it up a bit...


It's been cool and very rainy here in the Midwest.  My heart goes out to the firefighters that died in the Arizona fire this weekend.  I hope you all are taking care out there and staying cool and away from the fire.  I'd gladly share some of this rain with you...

Happy Fourth of July!!
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