Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grab Your Reading Glasses

It's graduation time and my cousin Stephanie is graduating in June so her parents designed the cutest little invitation I've ever seen!

Inside the envelope was this:

and you pull out the invite to reveal:

Guess you can tell she's an optometrist now! Such a cool invitation. My aunt and uncle designed it themselves and I think it's a great idea - most graduation invitations look alike and are forgettable - this one is a keeper. Not only is it cute, but if you have trouble reading the bottom lines you know it's time for another eye exam. ;)

Congratulations, Stephanie!! We're VERY proud of you!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Looong Weekend

Don't forget your Memorial Day poppy!

We're having fun this weekend, spending time with family and celebrating the beginning of summer. Friday we went to see a movie, a nice little treat we haven't indulged in for quite awhile. We saw the new Star Trek movie - I am a die hard Trekkie, but wasn't quite sure if I wanted to see this new take on the franchise. I'm so glad I got dragged in to see it because it was pretty darn good. Lots of laughs and my favorite character, Dr. McCoy, was done perfectly - he looked the part and the accent and lines were just great. (Best scene EVER was the one where he kept injecting Kirk and making his condition worse, lol!)

Saturday we went out for errands and a little trip to Hobby Lobby and today we spent the day painting my new studio! Yay!! It's all white at the moment and I'm thinking of painting the walls a light sage maybe in the future, but for now it makes the room all light and beautiful.

I bought a print for my mother for her birthday last week - a Danita print! It's the Frida print that was featured on the cover of Somerset Studio. I think it'll look fab in my studio and give us plenty of inspiration. And I also want to hang up the ornament that Heather of Audrey Eclectic sent me a few months ago. I'm thinking I'll set up my little white christmas tree down there to display my favorite ornaments and also to take pictures of the ones I'm making for my shop. It'll be great to finally have a space just for my art and business because I'm really cramped and disorganized right now.

So tomorrow is Memorial Day and we'll likely go to the Gypsy Caravan - it's a great big flea market and lots of fun so I'm hoping to remember my camera and plenty of cash. Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Etsy Update!

Just an update on a few things I've added to the shop:

A cute little box

The box has been papered with vintage french book paper and then stenciled with the young girl stencil. I just love it on a shelf amongst my vintage finds. It looks so sweet there.

A Paris sign -
I chose the 1889 date for the year the Eiffel Tower was made. I really love the fleur de lis and the font I stenciled was 17th century style.

And here is the last of the framed silhouettes. If you've been eyeing them now is the time to snatch them up. I have to look for some more frames. The only other one still available is the Prim Dress print.


I stenciled these on a sheet of vintage music paper - I think they look best side by side so you can see they are on one sheet and the music is continuous. A very sweet pair and so very Austen style - the high collar on the gentleman is one of my favorites. Very Mr. Darcy.
And I have some very special items coming up for sale soon - just need to post them tomorrow.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday

If ever a Monday can be happy. ;) Especially if your camera died over the weekend. I tried using the other cameras in the house and felt like Goldilocks - Mom's camera wouldn't stay focused, Dad's camera was too complicated - my old one was juuuuust right. If only it hadn't died on me. So I guess I must buy a new one. For now I finally got a few of my new items photographed and even a few up on etsy so I'm content enough for now.

Here's one that was so much fun to make:

Ill met by moonlight, fair Tatania!

I was making a new silhouette and I just kept hearing the same phrase over and over in my head: Fairies skip hence - from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. I'm not sure why, but this silhouette was definitely a fairy. I gave her vintage music paper wings and a crown of white and pink rosettes and she was happy to stay. ;) I just love this piece.

And happy belated Mother's Day to all you moms out there. Hope you had as nice a time as we did - beautiful weather and sunshine and BBQ for dinner. Yum. ;)

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