Monday, May 20, 2013

German Food Night

After struggling with a Blogger upload problem for months I finally managed to figure out a way to post a few pics of a dinner I made months ago.  I got this crazy idea at a late night grocery store run that I just HAD to have a German Food Night. 

It started with a mix packet for Sauerbraten - I love Sauerbraten.  Or rather, I should say I loved the Sauerbraten that I used to get at a now closed cafeteria here in St. Louis.  Grone's Cafeteria made the most delicious roast beef (French dip sandwiches to DIE for) and twice a week they had thin sliced delicious Sauerbraten with potato pancakes and applesauce on the side.  Grone's closed suddenly one day without a clue to their customers (and rumor has it - even the employees) and I was shocked and saddened.  I tried to find another restaurant that made sauerbraten and the few that did just weren't anywhere near as good so I thought I'd never have it again.

Then, low and behold - one day I found an article online that had the family that owned the cafeteria saying that old customers wanted their recipes and they were willing to share!  Oh joy!  My only problem - I didn't have a Dutch Oven, apparently a neccessity to making delicious Sauerbraten.  So that night, standing in the grocery store looking at a mix for sauerbraten I decided - we NEED a German food night!  Bring on the roast beef, the applesauce, and hey, how about some pickeled red cabbage?  And while we are at it - I think we need German Chocolate cake, too!

My family thought I was crazy, but I was determined!  I bought a dutch oven from Target (not cheap) and then made up my menu and ta da!! 

My Lovely Sauerbraten:

Note:  I had always planned to share this meal on my blog, but wouldn't you know it, in my enthusiasm and hunger for the meal I nearly forgot to take a picture of the food!!  I jumped up mid meal and ran for my camera - took a picture of the only plate on the table that wasn't nearly finished (not mine - mmm...).  Pictured is a lovely sauerbraten, potato pancake, applesauce and red cabbage.

And this is my new dutch oven:

You can get one at Target.  A lovely addition to my kitchen.  I plan to make other meals out of it, but for now I'm already dreaming of a new sauerbraten...

Here's what it looked like as I was serving out of the dutch oven - the recipe was a 'reduced for family' recipe that was originally made in mind for cafeteria cooks.  I found half way throught it that it needed one major change, which meant I ended up with far more sauce than I needed.  But still!  Delicious!!

Here's a quick snap as we eat - the potato pancakes are not perfect, but they were crispy and still delicious...

So - if anyone is interested in the Sauerbraten recipe I will gladly share it or you can google Grone's Cafeteria recipe Sauerbraten, too.  I recommend cutting down on the flour in the recipe.  I used applesauce and red cabbage from jars - after all the fuss with the meat and potatoes I am glad I didn't make the rest of the sides.  Once you have the recipe down for the meat it is actually an easy meal to make and did I mention delicious?  :)  Just as good as the ones I remember.  Mmmm...  And the German Chocolate cake was good, too.  Out of a box, but if it tastes good, who cares? 

More posts to come now that I figured out a way to post pics again.

Happy Monday!
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