Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have You Seen??

I had just finished cleaning up after dinner and spied the back of a magazine on a chair...it looked familiar. I flipped it over and found to my surprise...the new edition of Where Women Create!

My mother bought it for me - I said it costs too much! $15 - a bit much for a magazine, but then it is really more like a book, isn't it? I was touched - she said it was an investment - in me. Aw... I told her I felt she was wasting her money on me...after all I haven't been productive in ages. I've been in such a funk, even before I lost my cat. But then again...maybe this is the kick in the butt I need to get back to my studio and actually finish something. It's a beautiful issue and Elizabeth Maxson on the cover.

You know, the first time I read an article on her and saw her gorgeous decorating and her shop pictures, I was astonished to find I'd just moved into a house a few blocks from that very store here in St. Louis! I hurried to find her shop, only to find it covered in paper in the windows and closed. Curious and worried, I waited a month or so, hoping she was just renovating or something. After all, the magazine was brand new. Turns out she'd just closed it and a new shop opened soon after selling clothes! I was crushed. I think she's moved since. What a shame. Well, I've only skimmed the magazine so far and had to post that it looks like a great edition!! I'm hoping inspiration will get me out of my funk and productive again!

Thanks, mum!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nifty Fifties - Fabric

Spoonflower's showing off really cute '50s inspired fabrics right now in a contest check it out!

Here are a few of my favorites. This would be cute to make kitchen curtains out of:

The laundry day print is so tiny and cute!! Line some laundry baskets with them? A hamper?

And this one just makes me smile and want to go to the movies:
And of course visit the lobby to get ourselves some snacks...
Cute fabrics!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saying Goodbye...

Sorry I've been so quiet lately, but not only was life hectic, but I lost my best friend, my sidekick and my treasured companion to old age just a few days ago.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Lestat - so typical of him, rolling around in clean laundry getting it all furry and in need of washing again. :)

I raised him from a tiny kitten along with his brother (who was obviously named Louis as I was an Anne Rice fanatic at the time - hey, I was 14 when the movie came out) and I loved him so much, but even more so - he LOVED me. He was MY cat - he claimed me so. He followed me everywhere, slept next to me every night - forcefully got into my lap even if it meant climbing on top of my laptop...

I'm glad he's not in pain anymore (it hurt to see him in the pain he was obviously in for the past year) - but I miss him dreadfully and there is a big gaping hole in my heart that will never be fully healed.

Goodbye, Lestat...I miss you...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chloe, Antiquing Decor and Sundresses, oh my!

This is ChloƩ:

She's French obviously and sadly knows no English to speak with you, but says 'Bonjour!' anyway - sadly yes I am going crazy cooped up in my house as I paint the hall walls and inhale too many paint fumes, you'll have to excuse me. ;P

She was my Christmas gift two years ago - a new mannequin since we couldn't find an old one. Boy was I surprised! We've been working on antquing it as helpfully described in an old Romantic Homes issue and the body is totally different now (all textured and antiqued nicely - totally looks vintage!), though the wood 'head' and base is the same - only last details to finish before - I proudly display her final look. Anyway, just posting this as I updated my Etsy store and then used this pic I took when I had the typewriter necklace on it as a better, brighter pic than what I had up already.

I love this sundress - don't you? The color, the pattern, the smocking? Can you believe it was from Target? Every now and then I find something cool there. I hope to wear it sometime this summer... Oh, and thank you to Mariana and Paula for telling me they posted my little Red Roofed Sheetmusic 'Romance' House up on the Treasury page - sadly the treasury seems to be down - if it does go back up - here's the link they gave me. I'd love to see it... here's the link if it ever works and a pic of the house:

It's my favorite and I'll be loathe to see it go. Actually my mother is trying to cling to it...lol. I told her - nope, up it goes for sale - don't worry, no one's bought it yet - you can enjoy it until then. The Romance music paper is so pretty and well..romantic that it was kinda hard to use at first, but I decided it was just too cool not to use. I especially enjoyed it at Valentine's Day for a display, but right now it decorates my studio.


Edited to add: Oh - oh! The treasury page works again - you can see it and all the rest of the red inpired page. Yay!!! Go look!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fragrant Friday

A bouquet of my newly blooming pink and white Peonies for you to enjoy. I only wish you could smell how sweet their scent is - it fills a room.

Aaaah. I love spring! Just in case you are wondering the small bronzed statue is of Nike (no, not the company) the spirit of Victory from Ancient Greek legends. Also whom I am named for, though thank goodness they didn't spell it the same. ;) The books are a few of my favorite vintage finds, the metal Scottie dog from Hobby Lobby and the silhouette box available at my Etsy store right now.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Trip, Pt. 2

Okay, I promise, last time I'll spam you with my Chicago trip pics. ;) I just had so much fun and found the city inspirational and had a great time so I wanted to share a little more and then shut up about it. Most of my pictures are from the window of our car as we sped past so I'm amazed at the quality considering. LOL And some are from the view of our room.

Isn't this beautiful?And our room - we stayed at the Hotel Monaco - great lobby, you can bring your pets and if you miss having a pet, you can get a goldfish at the front desk when you check in and they'll take care of it for you during your stay.

Plus the room was beautiful.

But the best part? The HUGE windows - they dominated the room - two of them this size - my dad was fascinated with laying down in the windows - he could literally have slept there.
Directly across from us was a beautiful HUGE building:
And aiming my camera upwards - the top was even prettier. At the bottom was a restaurant we ate at, they boasted having a speakeasy and that Al Capone was there. They served very good Irish food.
Turning my camera a little to the right - and wow - what a clock!!! So beautiful, and the canal behind it - the next day we watched boats go under the bridge back and forth with tourists.
Also in view - this totally weird building I've seen on TV, but is so captivating in person - apartments above and parked cars below. Don't the cars look like they are going to fall out?? Scary to walk near.
We also visited the Field Museum and I just love the replicas of the Porch of Maidens from Greece. The whole outside and inside is a work of art all on its own with so many statues and columns. Beautiful.
And the main attraction, of course was to see Sue the T-Rex. Very cool!!

And last, but certainly not least, the theater sign for the show we went to!! Craig Ferguson Live and SOLD OUT. Darn right! He was hilarious! I've never been to a live performance and the excitement and thrill was rather fun. He did two little dance numbers - one in the beginning and one at the end. My favorite episodes of his show are when he does those in the beginning.

All in all - great trip, great city and great time. So glad to get out of the house for the first time in years. It's tiring to travel, but SO worth it for the memories. (And the shopping...)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Trip, Part One

I don't want to spam you guys with typical pictures of my vacation. But I did take a few cute pics that I thought would be interesting and worth sharing.

On the way we stopped a few times for breaks and one time was at an ultra retro 50's diner place. Kinda overdone, but cute at the same time. Good food.

Betty Boop took our order of course. ;)

And mom got all nostalgic at the 50's car toy hanging from the wall. ;)
it is and the drivers are a little crazy. I managed to snap off a few pics from my window to show how pretty the architecture is:
The beautiful old buildings are being kept up so well! And the details are amazing. But also - I have to say Bravo to the city planners that put so many beautiful flowers everywhere you go as they really brightened up the roads:

There were tulips EVERYWHERE and so pretty!. We stopped by the Millennium Park after the art museum and found the bean statue rather funny. It's so modern and weird and yet fun to look at different angles. People were having a ball taking their pictures around it. ;)

And then just as we were turning to leave and get our car - we spied this through the park!!

Yikes! Why isn't everyone running?? LOL Jurassic Park all over again. One more post with pics from our fantabulous hotel room - we went to Hotel Monaco - tres chic, fantastic view and within walking distance of the theater where we saw Craig Ferguson Live.

I had a great weekend - hope you guys did, too!!

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