Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Etsy Update the Second

I'm just tickled to announce my first pair of antique typewriter key earrings are in my shop! I love these Art Deco settings - they make great fancy earrings.

Find these pretty earrings here in my shop.

They are asterisk and underscore on one and question mark and slash on the other. They make a great gift for a budding writer or anyone that loves to read and write. When I finished making them I was sorely tempted to keep them for myself I love them so much!

I put fancy filigree settings on the back to make them every bit as pretty as the front!

And there are actually three settings on each earring - the back filigree setting, the main Art Deco setting and also a scalloped edged base setting - just look at them from the side...

These are really cool earrings - I've got to make myself a pair!! Check out my shop for bigger pics.

Also - another necklace in my shop...
A beautiful antique white key with a simple black font - this 'S' necklace makes me wish my name started with that letter!

Grab this pretty necklace here at my shop!

I love all the crackly shabby chic goodness in this key! So pretty. I put it on a delicate filigree setting and it just shines.

So many pretty pieces to make still - so little time. I'm waiting for an extremely slow package to come so I can finish off some pieces. Have a great day!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Etsy Update - Two New Necklaces - Parisian Charm

I'm super proud of my latest design in my shop - a versatile piece packed with Parisian Charm and Romance...

An Antique Typewriter charm necklace/bracelet! There are two ways to wear it - as a necklace...

Or as a bracelet...

I've spelled out PARIS in antique white keys plus a black Back Space key, two Fleur de Lis charms, a tiny Eiffel Tower and Skeleton key charms.

It's a bracelet with an extra length of chain allowing you to wear it as a necklace. I made one for myself first and loved it so much I made another one for my shop.

Available in my shop hereSOLD as of 12/5/12

The photos don't do it justice - this piece is beautiful in person!


And I also found a new pretty shade of pink pearls for the balloon animal pendants - I've added this great color to my shop last week. So pretty!


Available in my shop here.


Check out my shop for other great Typewriter Key jewelry, Balloon Animal jewelry and more!!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Green with Indie Craft Fair

This Saturday (March 10th) is the Green with Indie craft show!! Be sure to check it out if you are in the St. Louis area. It is this Saturday at the Webster University gym. 10:00 am to 5:00 pm - one day only!!

There will be many vendors there with wonderful crafts featuring upcycled materials. There is quite a variety of items for sale. Just click on the link at the top or the picture and check out their vendor list for a little taste. I went a few years ago and it was so much fun - there was also live music and there will be food available outside. I'm thinking of applying for a booth next year, maybe.

So if you are in the area, don't forget!! Check it out.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fashion Fri - I mean Saturday: Cute AND Practical Sandals

Is anyone else as frustrated as I am at the lack of cute practical sandals in the stores? For over a decade or so I've mourned the lack of decent sandals to wear with shorts or pants when running around in the spring and summer.

It seems to me sandals are sorted into two categories these days: Super Dressy Tart (high heels and bling) or Rock Climbing Butch. So they are either too fancy to wear every day or they are super athletic (not to mention ugly) and the exact same style being sold in the mens department. Ugh.

Well the other day I searched zappos.com for some alternatives and found these:

Wedge sandals by Cordani. Only problem is they are $180 and I wasn't quite prepared to shell that much money on a shoe I can't even try on so I went to Amazon and found the exact same shoe for much less! The dark brown ones were $126 - still pricey, but the gray ones were $75 or so.

They have since run out of this color, but they still have the more expensive 'black' (I think it is really dark brown) ones. Only a few left so if you are interested hurry up and buy them. They arrived super fast even with free shipping and they are very comfy and nice looking in person. Exactly what I wanted. I'd buy the other color, too, but I'm still on a budget.

So my mother saw the sandals and loved them so much she was going to buy some until she found these sandals by the same company:

Cute, huh? She snatched them up as there were only a few left. I'm not sure how practical red sandals are, but they were too cute to pass up.
And then I saw these recommended under the listing for those shoes and ended up buying these by Jambu.

So, long story short - I'm all ready for sandal season. LOL I can't wait to wear my new shoes!

All shoes are available at Amazon as of 3/3/12. Some may be available at Zappos, but more expensive. Sorry for lack of links, but it is 2 in the morning and I'm tired. Zzzzz...

Anybody else know of a good sandal available out there? My requirements are good arch support, a bit of a heel, but not too high and they must be CUTE. :)

Have a Great Weekend!

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