Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mad for Plaid - Getting in the mood for FALL!

I'm in the mood for some plaid...

Labor Day weekend is nearly upon us and I just can't get the idea of a cute little plaid dress out of my head!  But, sadly I can't find anything in the stores right now that I like.  I did find a few google hopping, though.  OH, and since I mention that I gotta say - if you look for plaid skirts through google, be prepared to find thousands and thousands of 'naughty school girl' skirts.  Ick!  The alternative was usually schoolmarm, though, skirts down to the ankles!  What?!  So I changed it to dresses and found these...
 A sophisticated take on the dress and very pretty, but a little prim for my taste.  Would be great if I worked in an office, but since I don't...

 This is kind of a compromise - I think it could be dressed up nicer?  Well, it won't help me, anyway - last year's offering, apparently.  And same goes for all the others I found...

 This is supposedly the same dress worn two different ways by celebrities.  And while Emma looks quite cute and preppy her way, I like the color of the one on the right, which I can't believe is the same dress.  The lighting difference makes them look totally different!  This is a McQ dress - $$.  I love that bright Stuart plaid color, but I can only find it in clothes for the rich or in a slutty Halloween costume skirt.  *sigh*  If anyone finds something that is reasonably priced and currently available, could you share a link??? 

And I thought these tights were awfully cute...

Have a Great Labor Day Weekend!  It's gonna rain, rain, rain here, but Monday is supposed to be nice.  I'd love to go to the Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden, but money is tight and my mom has Lupus and it is difficult to near impossible to enjoy outdoor festivals anymore.  (Can't walk far/at all sometimes and can't be in sunlight).  My church will be having their annual Greek Festival with the best Greek food in town.  I don't know if we'll splurge on that or I can make my own shishkabob again.  I finally got the trick down to make them taste as good as the church's!  That plus some nice pilaf and a Greek salad sounds heavenly right now. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Feeling Sad...

A week ago we had to say goodbye to our dog, Fox.  He was the sweetest dog that ever lived.  I'm a cat person, but this sweet little pup won my heart with his gentle eyes, big floppy ears and curled little tail...

We bought him outside a Walmart one day when a lady said she had to move and couldn't take him with her.  She claimed he was a Sheltie and would be a smallish dog so maybe we could handle a small dog since we already had a couple of cats.

Clearly she was wrong as he kept growing and growing, and while his fur did get soft and fluffy in places similar to a Sheltie as well as the floppy ears and a fluffy tail, he must've had a larger dog in the mix, possibly a German Shepherd?  Anyway, he kept thinking he was a lap dog at around 70 lbs.  :)  Everyone that met Fox loved him, no matter how much they might not like dogs or animals in general, because he was just so sweet and loving and eager for you to love him back. 

I had a dream last night that he was in our backyard, but I knew he wasn't alive in the dream.  Just came back to visit me.  I woke up so sad.  I've lost two cats and a dog over the last two years to old age and am now down to just one kitty.  The house seems empty at times.  I don't think I could ever want another dog, Fox was just a one of a kind and it seems wrong to try and replace him at all. 

I'll always miss you, Fox...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Steampunk Typewriter Necklaces with Pearls - an Etsy Update

I've added a few new items to the shop and I thought I'd share the photos here.  I love the typewriter necklaces I've been making, but I thought I'd add just a little bit more feminine touch to them...

(My personal favorite)


So I added a few pearls!  I have them in three shades: Pink, Antique White, and a pretty Lavender. 



The Art Deco necklace is particularly pretty with the romantic addition - it makes it longer and even more elegant.  I love the romance of the pendant.   

Also new to the shop: Antique Brass pendants!  I made my first one with a beautiful glass top typewriter key, A.  I'm not sure if antique brass is the right way to describe it, a dark copper, bronze?  Any way you describe it, it is very pretty and very different from the silver ones...

 The white pearl really shines and catches the eye when paired with the dark chain and pendant.  I love it!

 I simply MUST make one for myself.  :)
The same setting is still available in silver.  I added a pink pearl to this one - pink and silver go so well together. 
 The pearl accents just make the necklaces that much prettier.  I love them.  I haven't even made one for myself, but I definitely am making some now.  I simply MUST have them. 

Want one for yourself or for a gift?  Swing by my shop and take a look and if you need a custom one just convo me for details!

Happy Monday! 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mad Tea Party 2012 Giveaway Winners!!

And the Winners are...

1 - Faerie Moon Creations and 2 - DogsMom! 

Please send me your addresses so I can ship the Alice in Wonderland images to you!  And thanks to all who visited my blog - I still haven't gone to all the parties - there are so many and so little time!!  I do hope you guys enjoyed it - it was hard to do with the heat and having a day long battle with my asthma at the time, but I'm glad I did it.  :)  I really enjoyed learning to make cucumber sandwiches - by the way, the spread is really delicious and you could make it to spread on a bagel or crackers and I think it'd taste even better!  I plan to make some more soon.  I think sweet cherry tomatoes go really well with it.  YUM!

Have a Great Weekend!!
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