Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Tarts and Mincemeat Traditions

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) and a great weekend.  I tried to post these pictures a few days ago, but had problems uploading them.  I just wanted to share some pics of my tarts.  I only just managed to take a picture of the last few before family members grabbed them up and finished them off!
I made my usual mincemeat tarts and then experimented with a few pecan tarts since I made extra pecan pie filling. They aren't quite as cute as the mincemeat ones, but they were really tasty!  Also, by making little tart versions we were able to eat one apiece the night before instead of staring longingly at our pecan pie and telling ourselves we had to wait.  Mmm!

Aren't the squirrel silhouettes cute??  They are my favorite little cookie cutters.  We also gave the traditional weaving top a try, but it was so much more effort we stopped after one.  LOL  Also used my acorn, maple leaf and turkey mini cookie cutters. 
The mincemeat tarts are a Thanksgiving Tradition in our house, I learned how to make them from my grandmother - if you are interested in trying an old fashioned (and VERY yummy) treat - just buy a jar of mincemeat at the grocery store - should be in the baking and/or holiay section - can be hard to find, but well worth the effort.  I then put it in a sauce pan and finely dice 1 or 2 apples and chop up about a half cup raisins and add to the mix, cook for about 15 min. or so, let cool slightly as you prepare crusts.  I just use ready made crusts normally and cut them to fit the little tart pans, then cut out fun shapes for the tops, brush with milk and sprinkle sugar (you can add some sugar to the mincemeat mixture, too, if you like it extra sweet), and bake at 350F until golden brown on top.  They are great as dessert or for breakfast! 
I also use mincemeat at Christmas, but as filled cookies!  I have a post somewhere in here with the cookie recipe - they are the sweetest, yummiest cookies ever and they go SUPER fast so I end up making tons so I can get a chance to eat one myself.  :)  Give it a try if you'd like to be a little Olde England this year.  I promise that these taste really good and not like meat at all.  I always find it funny when someone won't try it because of the name - they are so missing out on a good thing, but that's okay because it means More for Me!  LOL
If you have any questions about making mincemeat feel free to ask here.  I think it is a shame that it has fallen out of style and we need to fight to keep it in our Christmas tradition along with other older treats. 
Fun Fact - Puritans in England and the American colonies tried to outlaw mincemeat in the 1600's!  There were people called 'mince sniffers' whose job it was to patrol the town seeking out people who baked traditional mincemeat pies!  I'm glad they don't come around anymore - I'd be in trouble.  Check out more here
Back I go to Christmas decorating - I'm rather ambitious this year despite a really bad back and hip.  I'm not going to let it get me down!
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