Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New to Shop - A Custom order of Jane Austen Silhouette Ornaments

Just wanted to post about my latest Custom Order at my Etsy Shop -
30 Jane Austen Style Silhouette Ornaments!

The order was for 20 originally, but grew to 30.  They are 10 rectangle French book paper, 10 rectangle Antique Sheet Music paper - 10 round ornaments half and half.  I used all the ladies and gentlemen and children I have that will fit on the ornaments and they are all different front and back - all together I stenciled 60 silhouettes!  Quite a bit of work sanding, painting, papering, stenciling, sealing, drilling holes and then tying ribbon on them all, but the end result is worth it, I think!

This picture and the next two are of the same exact ornaments in the same spots, but flipped over so you can see front and back views.

If you would like a custom order of silhouette ornaments feel free to convo me at my shop for details and questions.  Prices depend on quantity and other details.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Decor - French Shabby Chic, oui!

Nothing says romance and Valentine's Day like French shabby chic vintage finds... 
I wish I had a lovely romantic room like this:

And everyone likes chocolate, but since I'm on a diet I guess this would have to do:

Available on Etsy here.
I added a few new items in my shop that are sweet and romantic:

 Some wood ornaments on French book paper.  There are different silhouettes on the backs - check out my listing here for more details.

And one on antique sheet music.
Two different silhouettes on one ornament. 
Available here.

And this latest pair of framed silhouettes are still my favorite.  I'm finally keeping a pair for myself.  I love the antique silver color of these frames and the romantic details on the frames really suit this pair.  I have a listing for these in my shop, too.  Just FYI.

Available here.
Happy Valentine's Day!
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