Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Country Christmas Decorations - My Living Room Decor

Just a few pics of my living room decorations...
 My Christmas tree - about 8 foot tall and loaded with our ornaments - musical, Santas, mercury glass, etc. 

 One of my smaller trees - loaded with bird houses and skis.

I love the Scandinavian look to them - the skis are my favorite! 
I always love a woodsy Santa - he has a Fox at his side. 

My newest ornaments - pretty little pine cones.  So cute!

 I love globes and ancient maps.  Also pomegranates

This woodsy Santa seems to have come by sled.

And back I go to working to get ready for the holidays!  So many cookies to bake!  ;)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

O Christmas Tree - My Little White Christmas Tree...

 Every year I love to decorate a little white tree for my bedroom.  I put it on my dresser and enjoy it every evening as I read and get ready for bed - the soft light soothes me and I am able to put my own personal style on it so it truly reflects my aesthetic.  I love mercury glass, musical instruments, antique keys, fleur de lis and light shabby chic colors.

Each year is better than the year before as I find more ornaments for the tree...

Shop note - I sold the Paris sign seen here - we were sad to see it go, but we do need money so I'm glad to have made the sale along with the Paris typewriter key necklace/bracelet listing - guess someone loves Paris for Christmas as much as I do! 
The topper for my tree varies from year to year as I try to find just the right one - I used a new glittery sign that says 'Believe' this year.  I strung antique keys on ribbons, used tiny mercury glass ornaments I've collected and a few pastel round ornaments for color.  There are two different style violin ornaments on the tree, too.

This year I found some incredibly cute cupcake ornaments for just a dash of sweetness.  I got one green and one red.  They are SO cute!
I also added a large white fleur de lis ornament (subtle against the white tree) it had a tacky crystal on the bottom of it, but I cut it off.  I also added a glittery snowflake ornament - I love the antique pink glitter!!

And on my bedroom door is my antique white bottle brush wreathe I found last year at Joanne's!! Exactly the type of wreathe I was looking for and also my tiny metal sign that says 'Snow' - because that is what I always wish for on Christmas!!

More decorating posts to come as I make progress.  I'm going to get a tree this weekend and work on my new gingerbread house! 
Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday - Making a Cloche Miniature House Christmas Display

I was at Target on Black Friday after Thanksgiving and I saw a rather cute bit of Christmas Home Decor - this cute miniature winter scene in a cloche:
I thought it was a cute idea, but a bit on the modern (and a bit cheap) side so I thought I'd go home and see what I could do with what I had...
I made these little old fashioned glitter houses a few years back and I took the smallest one and put it in my cake jar with some very cute antique white bottle brush trees I just bought.  I think it looks better than the one from Target. 

I found the antique white bottle brush trees at Michaels, FYI.  

Whew!  I've been trying to blog about this for over a week now.  Blogger seems to be having problem uploading pics, but tonight it finally worked!  Yay!  Be back with more very soon unless another blogger problem crops up.  I've decorated my bedroom white tree very cute this year and I'm working on the major Christmas decorating when I can.  I pulled something in my back over the Thanksgiving holiday and it has really held me back from doing too much, but I'm feeling a bit better now. 

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