Saturday, December 8, 2012

O Christmas Tree - My Little White Christmas Tree...

 Every year I love to decorate a little white tree for my bedroom.  I put it on my dresser and enjoy it every evening as I read and get ready for bed - the soft light soothes me and I am able to put my own personal style on it so it truly reflects my aesthetic.  I love mercury glass, musical instruments, antique keys, fleur de lis and light shabby chic colors.

Each year is better than the year before as I find more ornaments for the tree...

Shop note - I sold the Paris sign seen here - we were sad to see it go, but we do need money so I'm glad to have made the sale along with the Paris typewriter key necklace/bracelet listing - guess someone loves Paris for Christmas as much as I do! 
The topper for my tree varies from year to year as I try to find just the right one - I used a new glittery sign that says 'Believe' this year.  I strung antique keys on ribbons, used tiny mercury glass ornaments I've collected and a few pastel round ornaments for color.  There are two different style violin ornaments on the tree, too.

This year I found some incredibly cute cupcake ornaments for just a dash of sweetness.  I got one green and one red.  They are SO cute!
I also added a large white fleur de lis ornament (subtle against the white tree) it had a tacky crystal on the bottom of it, but I cut it off.  I also added a glittery snowflake ornament - I love the antique pink glitter!!

And on my bedroom door is my antique white bottle brush wreathe I found last year at Joanne's!! Exactly the type of wreathe I was looking for and also my tiny metal sign that says 'Snow' - because that is what I always wish for on Christmas!!

More decorating posts to come as I make progress.  I'm going to get a tree this weekend and work on my new gingerbread house! 
Happy Holidays!!

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