Monday, August 13, 2012

Steampunk Typewriter Necklaces with Pearls - an Etsy Update

I've added a few new items to the shop and I thought I'd share the photos here.  I love the typewriter necklaces I've been making, but I thought I'd add just a little bit more feminine touch to them...

(My personal favorite)


So I added a few pearls!  I have them in three shades: Pink, Antique White, and a pretty Lavender. 



The Art Deco necklace is particularly pretty with the romantic addition - it makes it longer and even more elegant.  I love the romance of the pendant.   

Also new to the shop: Antique Brass pendants!  I made my first one with a beautiful glass top typewriter key, A.  I'm not sure if antique brass is the right way to describe it, a dark copper, bronze?  Any way you describe it, it is very pretty and very different from the silver ones...

 The white pearl really shines and catches the eye when paired with the dark chain and pendant.  I love it!

 I simply MUST make one for myself.  :)
The same setting is still available in silver.  I added a pink pearl to this one - pink and silver go so well together. 
 The pearl accents just make the necklaces that much prettier.  I love them.  I haven't even made one for myself, but I definitely am making some now.  I simply MUST have them. 

Want one for yourself or for a gift?  Swing by my shop and take a look and if you need a custom one just convo me for details!

Happy Monday! 


hope ellington said...

These sure are cute & feminine too. I love your red typewriter! Haven't been around for awhile so I thought I'd stop by to visit.

58 Cherries said...

Hi, so glad to hear from you! I love that typewriter. My dad found it at a garage sale down the street one morning and surprised me with it. I was so thrilled!! Best present EVER. I've seen the typewriter in other colors on etsy and ebay, but never as pretty as that dark red.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Always makes my day!

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