Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Etsy Update the Second

I'm just tickled to announce my first pair of antique typewriter key earrings are in my shop! I love these Art Deco settings - they make great fancy earrings.

Find these pretty earrings here in my shop.

They are asterisk and underscore on one and question mark and slash on the other. They make a great gift for a budding writer or anyone that loves to read and write. When I finished making them I was sorely tempted to keep them for myself I love them so much!

I put fancy filigree settings on the back to make them every bit as pretty as the front!

And there are actually three settings on each earring - the back filigree setting, the main Art Deco setting and also a scalloped edged base setting - just look at them from the side...

These are really cool earrings - I've got to make myself a pair!! Check out my shop for bigger pics.

Also - another necklace in my shop...
A beautiful antique white key with a simple black font - this 'S' necklace makes me wish my name started with that letter!

Grab this pretty necklace here at my shop!

I love all the crackly shabby chic goodness in this key! So pretty. I put it on a delicate filigree setting and it just shines.

So many pretty pieces to make still - so little time. I'm waiting for an extremely slow package to come so I can finish off some pieces. Have a great day!

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